2023 Woman To Watch: Dr. Paméla Michelle Tate

2023 Woman To Watch: Dr. Paméla Michelle Tate

Dr. Paméla Michelle Tate aka “The Self-Care Queen,” is a domestic violence and education advocate, author, community organizer, survivor, and speaker. She is also the editor-in-chief, and publisher of The Self-Care Magazine, which is a quarterly magazine dedicated self-care, restoration, and work/life balance. 

She believes it is her responsibility to advocate for others. Through her own life story and her work, she’s become a catalyst for both local and global communities. Paméla Michelle is currently serving as the Co-Executive Director of Black Women Revolt Against Domestic Violence Resource Center in San Francisco and as a Community Organizer with Innovate Public Schools. 

Paméla Michelle shares some of her story in three different anthologies: “My Walk Past Hell,” “Women Who Rock,” and most recently in “I Survived The Storm,” where she shares her intimate story of caring for and then losing her mother.  

Paméla Michelle is also the author of “A GIRL’S JOURNEY: There’s No Crying in Baseball,” a book written to teach children and families about fortitude, integrity, gender roles, and the concept of being a team player. In 2021, she released another personal piece of work, “I’ll Fly Away: 31 Day Devotional for Caretakers,” to offer time, space, and healing for other caretakers such as herself who are caring for a parent, spouse, child, family member or friend.  

Paméla Michelle resides in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. She is the mother of three children plus one bonus child. She is the proud grandmother of one granddaughter.

Connect with Paméla Michelle

Facebook: @theselfcaremagazine 

Website: www.theselfcaremagazine.com or www.mstatewrites.com

Email: theselfcaremagazine@gmail.com