2023 Woman to Watch: Keyshawna Rose

2023 Woman to Watch: Keyshawna Rose

Keyshawna Rose is a young thriving CEO, Author, Community Organizer, Self Love and Trauma Coach. She started her coaching journey after overcoming her own battles with inadequacy, depression, trauma and low self esteem. She now uses her own healing experience as the driving force behind her brand.

Her coaching program has since evolved into a membership program, courses and a safe space community for women who are looking to be pulled out of a dark place. She is well know for her growing community membership, The ReHERligned Community. The ReHERligned membership gives women all the essentials needed to overcome trauma and build emotional intelligence. When asked to describe the goal of her community, she explained that it caters to your inner world, so that your outer world can follow suit!

Keyshawna’s programs have been very effective in helping women see themselves through the eyes of God: worthy, beautiful and loved. She empowers women from different walks of life to take charge of the happiness they long for and make consistent steps to get to that place. 

With the insider scoop that we received about her future plans, we can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2023! Look out world, she’s coming through! 

You can learn more about her programs at: