2023 Woman To Watch: Lid’ya C. Rivera

2023 Woman To Watch: Lid’ya C. Rivera

Lid’ya C. Rivera is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, confidence coach, author, Vitiligo advocate, and decorated US Navy member with a passion for film, advocating, and encouraging others to discover their confidence and self-love from within. As a creator, she has successfully written and directed her first film project on Vitiligo titled “Beauty Marks.” She has been featured on various podcasts and radio shows, including the Stellar Award-winning “All Nations Radio,” UITA Media Radio, and Royalties ATX Radio. Lid’ya has also been featured in magazines (“She Is E-Magazine'') and media blogs such as “Living Dappled,” “Shout Out Magazine,” and “VoyageMIA Magazine.” 

Recently, she held the book cover reveal for her first children’s book, “I Absolutely, Positively Love My Spots!” which is illustrated by the New York’s Times Best Illustrator, Niña Mata and is to be published by HarperCollins. 

Let’s learn more about Lid’ya and get into the tips for confidence that she shares below so you, too, can be more glambitious! 

What inspired you to become a confidence coach?

Lid’ya: I was inspired to become a confidence coach when I began to see how my vulnerability, testimony, and gift to empower others begin to positively change the mindset and impact the lives of many. Living life with guilt, shame, fear, low self-esteem, and hopelessness, I thought I’d never re-submerge from the darkness. Yet, discovering true strength, identity, confidence, courage, and ability to come out from the darkness into the light and live gave proof that it could be done. Therefore, I was eager to help others reach their own breakthrough. I desire for those to resubmerge from the darkness and into the light in order to experience liberation and freedom from mental bondage and begin to excel and succeed personally and professionally. It’s imperative that I help lead high-achieving women to reach their highest level of resiliency and potential, so darkness and self-doubt no longer hinder their destinies.

How does a woman’s confidence affect her in business?

Lid’ya: Confidence is one of the determining factors of not just if you show up in your business but how you show up. Confidence allows you to show up authentically. Confidence helps you better handle failure and criticism, apply what you’ve learned, and have them work for your business rather than cause discouragement. Confidence provides a willingness and readiness to occupy areas in your business industry to fill the gaps where needed. It is confidence that places you in front of audiences and prepares you for life’s experiences to move forward with business opportunities and even people. It is confidence that motivates us to try again after we may fail. It's simply believing without a doubt in yourself and your abilities. Confidence is what allows business owners to firmly trust and believe in their gifts to effectively and successfully operate in business, looking beautiful while doing so.

What are three tips for more confidence that you would like to share?


  • Don’t compare yourself to others. You are your only competition, so strive to make your good your better, and your better your best each day. It was never meant for you to be like anyone else, so be authentically you. You are the real OG! There are people waiting to meet someone like you. Give the people what they are waiting for. 
  • Take the risk. Believe in the seemingly impossible and mentally invest in your vision. Seeing is believing. See the vision in its full scope and bring life to what you believe in. In doing so, you begin nurturing your gifts which in turn unleashes the warrior in you, ready to eliminate all self-doubt and release the best version of you to excel in life and business.
  • Do it afraid. Confidence does not mean doing it unafraid, but rather the opposite. Confidence is doing it while afraid, trembling, and sweating profusely, yet never giving up and doing it anyway.

Do you have any projects or events that you would like to share?

Lid’ya: I offer confidence-building digital courses through Confidence BuildHER Academy. Courses available now at www.lidyacrivera.com My children’s book, “I Absolutely, Positively Love My Spots'' published by HarperCollins Publishers and illustrated by #1 New York Times best-selling illustrator Nina Mata is a celebratory ode for children born  to stand out is available for pre-order 10.17.22 and official release 6.6.23 available at www.lidyacrivera.com/childrensbook. Future collaborations are in production, so stay tuned for more exciting, inspirational projects to come. Follow Lid’ya C. Rivera on Instagram @lidya.c.rivera, Facebook @Lidya C. Rivera, TikTok @lidyacrivera.