2023 Woman to Watch: Nicole Hill, MSN, RN

2023 Woman to Watch: Nicole Hill, MSN, RN

Nicole Hill, MSN, RN, is an award winning Entrepreneur and Nurse Disruptor with 20  years of nursing experience. She considers herself a “change agent” in the nursing  community.  

Nicole is the owner of Reset Wellness Bar, P.C., specializing in concierge IV Hydration  and cosmetic post-operative recovery. She is internationally trained and has received  several awards for her work within the nursing community. She is also the co-owner of Aramha Skin, which she co-founded with her daughter. 

Affectionately known as Nurse Nicci to her clients, she uses her knowledge and  platform, Reset With Nurse Nicci, to teach nurses, nurse practitioners and healthcare  professionals how to use their profession to leverage their passion by launching a  profitable business using practicable strategies in 90 days or less. 

During the pandemic, Nicole decided to leave travel nursing behind and turn her part time business into full-time entrepreneurship. Since then she has managed to amass  her yearly salary within months. Her mission is to educate others and show them that if  she can do it, they can do it. 

Future Plans: 

Although Nicole loves serving her concierge clients in the comfort of their homes,  hotels, offices, etc., she is pivoting into a new direction and expanding to a full service,  luxury med spa in January 2023. The new spa home will be located in Alpharetta,  Georgia. She will continue to educate and coach other nurses and healthcare  professionals in an effort to help them transition from the bedside to the boss side. 

To connect with Nicole follow: @resetwellnessbar_ @thenursenicci