3 Marketing Hiccups to Avoid

3 Marketing Hiccups to Avoid

With nearly 15 years of entrepreneurship experience under my belt, there are a few marketing hiccups that I've noticed repeatedly in the marketplace.  These hiccups can cost you the client, the connection or opportunity to take your business and brand to the next level. With millions of people becoming entrepreneurs this year, it is imperative to keep a critical eye on the shifting seasons and industry trends, to assure your marketing efforts are the most impactful.  

Mistake #1: Using language that doesn't resonate with your audience.

I too have had moments where I use the language of my industry instead of the language that my audience is more familiar with.  Don't fall into the habit of using language that sounds 'impressive' but doesn't ultimately connect with your potential clients.  For example in the Public Relations realm, using the word 'publicity' is very standard among myself and colleagues.  However after doing a bit of market research, I discovered that my target audience better resonates with the word 'visibility'.  When they approach the thought of growing their business, they are thinking about how to increase their visibility not publicity.  Likewise I've seen people create these illustrious sounding titles, with fancy alliteration becuase it sounds good. However after hearing them introduce themselves in a Clubhouse room, the audience has no clear idea of what they do or the problem they solve.

So again, use the language that is top of mind for your clients, not the language your colleagues speak in the industry. 

Mistake #2: Flyers or artwork that include too much information.

Typically most people are not on social media to read a full thesis about your offer, so avoid overwhelming them with information on the promotional assets you post. It is ok to have more detail in your caption below the post, or detail on your website under the offer.... however for the artwork or flyer you are using, just include the most eye-catching language to peak their immediate interest.  This will prompt them to read the caption for more information or visit your website.

When the artwork includes too much info, most people will likely swipe past it.  This also goes for webinar or event flyers as well. Think about anytime you have had to read a lengthy contract, lease or mortgage document...you likely felt uninterested and had to force yourself to read through the legalities right? So keep this in mind when having your designer create assets.  There are specific spaces that lend well to detailed writing, like your blog, social media captions, the LinkedIn platform or the landing page for your offer. Therefore use your promotional assets to draw people toward those spaces for more information.

Mistake #3: Relying on one social post to sell an offer.

When I first started out as a business owner many years ago, there was a marketing standard which suggested that it takes seven times for a potential client to see you before doing business with you.  Recently I've heard that the number has increased to 21 touch points before a client does business with you.  So don't get discouraged if you do not see immediate traction for your offer from the initial post.  Instead build out a marketing plan that includes multiple touch points, and your post will just be one of many times that you audience hears about the offer.

Below are some suggested marketing touch points to consider:

1. Podcast Interview (Click here to interview on the Glambitious iTunes podcast) 

2. Speaking Engagement (Click here to speak during the Glambitious Awards)

3. Instagram Live Q&A Sessions

4. Host a Collaborative Clubhouse Room

5. Magazine Interview (Grace the next Glambitious cover or Black Men Succeed)

6. Facebook/YouTube Retargeted Ads

7. Masterclass Collaboration (Click here to cohost with me!)

There are so many other marketing touch points, but these are great places to start!

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