5 Ways To Monetize a Podcast Interview!

5 Ways To Monetize a Podcast Interview!

Podcast interviews are a dynamic way to generate positive publicity for your brand and connect with new clients! This should be a key part of your strategy to maintain branding momentum for your business this season. To confirm a Glambitious podcast interview click here 

Below are 5 ways to monetize a podcast interview:

1. Create a discount code using the podcast name to encourage listeners to take advantage of s specific signature offer.  A%20 discount or higher tends to yield the best call-to-action

2.  Offer a freebie to listeners that connects their email to a funnel or newsletter so that you can continue to nurture the connection from listener to client!

3.  Share an audio snippet from your podcast on social media including a link to the signature offer that ties into what you were discussing.

4.  Send the news of your podcast to your email newsletter database and create a one-day only offer to celebrate the interview.  

5. If the podcaster approves, live stream your part of the recording using Streamyard.com to your Facebook or YouTube page so that you network can watch the 'behind-the-scenes' of you doing the interview.  This adds to your credibility, allows followers to here the full interview in real-time, and hear about your business offers.