Angela K. Chambers Shares Advice on Thriving in 2024!

Angela K. Chambers Shares Advice on Thriving in 2024!

Share with us how you are making women's history today:

On March 23rd, I have the honor of being a guest speaker at the Women Empowerment Network event with Mom-Owned Businesses in Wilmington, DE.  I will encourage entrepreneurs to consider utilizing contracts to grow their businesses. 

Who has been one of your most significant inspirations and why? 

Dr. Willa A. Strong. She was the Principal of the black school in my hometown before segregation. I love to hear the stories of my dad and older cousins who are educated under her tutelage. 50 years later her life legacy continues. She was an amazing educator who taught about core subjects, life, and preparation for the future.

What advice would you have for women to thrive as entrepreneurs in 2024? 

As an entrepreneur, I heard, "It's only over when you quit." I didn't understand what that meant and earlier businesses I just didn't see away. Now having one business nearing 18 years, I understand. Challenges and situations I have faced I thought I would have never survived but I decided not to give up. Any one of those challenges if I stopped would have been the end. Find a solution to the challenge. Revise the dream, set new goals, learn a new skill to enhance your products or services, or create a new stream(s) of income for your business but don't stop!

Is there a bible verse that you hold close?

Deuteronomy 8:18 is my favorite scripture. "For remember the Lord your God it is he that gives you the ability to produce wealth and it confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.

How can readers work with you and connect online? 

Visit or email me