Ashley Loveless Cunningham Announces ChewTyme Restaurant App!

Tell us about your latest app "ChewTyme":  
ChewTyme is an innovative food delivery application designed to support minority-owned restaurants in building and expanding their businesses. By leveraging business credit and the new Credit Inc Business University software, ChewTyme offers a transformative dining experience. Joining our platform not only enhances your customer reach but also delivers a range of advantages that can significantly boost your restaurant's success. Let's explore how ChewTyme can drive your restaurant's growth:
What was the inspiration behind creating this?
Empowering business owners grow their business and learn the importance of business credit and how it can help them achieve success through accessing funding using OPM. 
Any advice to those who are also entering the tech industry?
Research, Research and connect with a knowledge development team that has done work in the specific industry you’re seeking to develop. 
How do you plan to make the next year your best year?
I plan to connect with restaurant owners worldwide, attend business seminars, expos and more networking events to spread awareness of ChewTyme and what we have to offer. 
Please share how readers can connect with you online and support the app:
Instagram - @chewtyme
New Credit Inc Business University