Brown CEO: Ashley R Triplett

Brown CEO: Ashley R Triplett

How are you contributing to women's history as a Brown CEO?

To this day there is a financial disparity through pay rates, benefits, and so on for women when it comes to money matters, so I'm working to bridge that gap through financial literacy. Just think less than 50 years ago women were finally allowed the opportunity to have credit in their own name.

What has been your most exciting accomplishment to date?

So I've competed in a National Business Pageant twice, the first time winning 2 major titles, the second time winning the highest competing title of Ultimate Queen 

Any 2 pieces of advice you would share with emerging CEOs?

  1. a) Don't buckle under the pressure of entrepreneurship, either it has to work, or it has to work; there is no other option.
  2. b) What you provide is someone's answered prayer. Never forget you got the sauce: Act like it!

What is next for you in 2022?

Get a mentor or mentors. Since December I've been under the guidance of a new mentor, and she's tough... So, I've been wanting to create an adult financial literacy course for a while. Thanks to my mentors guidance and know how, I'm happy to day that I just launched an 8 week accelerator course teaching creatives how to leverage, manage, organize, and find capital, helping them become money smart; stopping the cycle of financial illiteracy. There's so much more in store guys, so stay tuned!


How can readers connect with you online?
FB: Ashley R Triplett,
IG: @TheMoneyBFF, @MsARTriplett
Ashley R Triplett
(404) 500.8104