Brown CEO: Charessa Sawyer

Brown CEO: Charessa Sawyer

What inspired you to become a Brown CEO?

I do not believe that I have thought much about why or if I should become a CEO. I believe I was born as a leader and acquired skills that helped me to build upon that leadership. Those leadership skills and acquired knowledge in the area of business that I love naturally led me to become the CEO of two companies, SC Visionary Planning & Production Services and Event Therapy. It also led me to become a founder of an amazing nonprofit organization, Charge Up Campaign. 


Share your biggest accomplishment to-date:

 It is difficult to point out one accomplishment as my biggest; however I will share that I am truly happy that I bet on myself when I was scared to share my voice. I not only produced and hosted a radio show, The Table Talk Show, but I also wrote my first book while scared. Sharing my voice regardless of the potential of judgement or criticism has transformed my current way of thinking and believing in myself. 




Any success advice for women who desire to succeed in your industry?

The advice that I would like to share and that I believe was pivotal in my career is that you should always be willing to listen, learn and laugh as event and entertainment professionals. We are constantly faced with new challenges, new ideas, new methods of producing and designing events, so it is important that you are willing to invest in yourself and find new ways to grow in business. It is also very important that as you find ways to grow in business that you listen to your body and pay attention to your mental health. The event and entertainment business is exciting, but busy with personalities and hard work. You absolutely have to take time to have fun and laugh...a lot!


What is next for you in 2022?

The fourth quarter is here and we are rocking and rolling with fall events and mental health groups. We are gearing up for 2023 visual programs, our Event Therapy podcast and several new opportunities for professionals to be part of our Event Therapy Magazine. As part of all of our work with Event Therapy we are proud to announce that partial proceeds will support conquerors of cancer and their caregivers through the Charge Up Campaign. So many great things are coming for the end of the year and 2023. But as for me, I am going to take time to enjoy the fruits of my labor with my family and friends. 


How can readers connect with you online?

Feel free to visit our website: or find us on

Instagram: @eventtherapynetwork