Brown CEO Spotlight: Dr. Connie Stewart!

Brown CEO Spotlight: Dr. Connie Stewart!

  1. What inspired you to become a CEO?

When I took a good look at my life and asked myself the question,’ How are you living?’ I decided, no more playing it safe. No more sitting on the side lines or waiting on someone to give their permission. I was determined to “Live My Best Life Now!” With NOW meaning immediately, no holds barred, no excuses, no fears, right now! When I embraced that, I realized it was bigger than me. I had a divine calling to challenge others to do the same. I had to Boss Up! It was time to be the CEO of my life and the business that was on the inside of me waiting to be birthed. I had a responsibility to motivate, educate, and inspire both men and women to walk in their divine purpose, NO EXCUSES!

  1. What has been your most exciting accomplishment to date?

That I have had the opportunity to travel the world doing what I love to do.

  1. Any 2 pieces of advice you would share with emerging CEOs?

Well, let me just give you a HIGH FIVE!

  1. MAKE A DECISION.  The hardest part is to decide that you deserve the best and are willing to do what it takes to live your best life.
  2. CHANGE YOUR DIRECTION. When your heart and your mouth come into agreement, your feet will follow.
  3. ELIMINATE THE DISTRACTIONS. Know that distractions don’t come until you have made a decision. Plan for it and prepare to eliminate them immediately.
  4. DARE TO DREAM.  Take those dreams off the shelf, blow the dust off and make them happen.  You have the power within you to turn those dreams into reality.
  5. GET CONNECTED. When you jump, leap, or finally decide to go for it things can get a little scary.  You are now doing what you’ve never done. Living outside your comfort zone. Spouse, bestie, mom and dad may not understand and may not be able to help you.  It’s ok.  Get connected to those that will support, encourage, challenge and inspire you.  
  1. Share your favorite inspirational quote:

I believe one of the keys to success is consistency. So I tell all my CEO Besties, “ It’s not what you can do, it’s what you can keep doing.”

  1. How can readers connect with you online?

 You can connect with me by visiting my website or on social media @DrConnieStewart.