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CC Miller is Making Women's History Today!

CC Miller is Making Women's History Today!

Introduce yourself and passion to readers:

I’m one of the last natives of Charlotte, NC, indie author, poet, speaker, and artist, CC Miller.

What inspired you to become a Speaker and Author?

Inspiration to help others to reach their goal of authorship coupled with the progression of my healing journey is what compelled me to publish. 

Share your most proud accomplishment so far on this journey: 

My authorship journey has allowed me to be the voice of people at my yesterday stone who are ready to step into today and tomorrow. My proudest accomplishment is plural. Reader reviews and audience members that ask incredulously if I have been spying and stealing their intimate thoughts they hadn’t yet found words to say. 

Any advice for people who feel intimidated by the process of book publishing or speaking on stages?

You’re supposed to be intimidated. Fear is a gift that reminds us to look for our Heavenly Father to help us do the thing.

What is next for you in 2024 and how can readers connect with you?

In 2024 I am writing my first two sci-fi novels. Keep in touch at @cc_millerllc or subscribe to