Creative CEO: Melissa D. White

Creative CEO: Melissa D. White

Share your current efforts as a Creative CEO:

As a Creative CEO, I am currently zoned in on serving through my primary gift of speaking and maximizing all of the ways to use this gift to activate the voices of others. I have the distinct opportunity to do this through not just conventional speaking and coaching. I am constantly pursuing the authentic and unconventional ways to deliver the gifts and vision I am assigned. For me, God’s destined delivery model for my gift of speaking is through speaking not only on global live stages, but also on virtual stages such as virtual live events and in media through hosting, producing, and coaching. When you say you are a speaker, we would be remiss to limit the vehicle in which the message is carried out. I believe in what I call O.P.P., which is building your platform through Other People’s Platforms. My core coaching message and business model is to Plan, Repurpose, and Repeat, meaning create one stellar master piece of content and squeeze all of the valuable components out of it that you can- visuals, audio, and transcribe audio for written content is the smart and innovative way to maximize your message. This is carried out through the two branches of my business: The Activation Hour® Show and Activation Coaching International. The joint mission of all that I do is to “give a voice to the unseen and unheard in kingdom, corporate and community.” 


What inspired these pursuits?

First came media, then coaching in 2017. This was a five year endeavor that has brought me back to the original intent of my purpose, a sankofa of what I am created to be- A Speaker. An Activator. These pursuits were not of my own mind, as I was not formally trained in media or communications. It was a grace gift that I could not ignore that was activated while in ministry training. It is a mantle of sorts. I was a corporate leader loving my career climb with no intentions of entrepreneurship, and while in ministry training, God placed the vision of The Activation Hour. I could not ignore this platform that I vividly saw to give a voice and elevate the stories of unseen and unheard men and women with their own testimonies. As I showed up weekly to host my then radio show back in 2017, I quickly realized that the media was my pulpit. Not in a sermon preaching type of way, but that it was the sanctuary given to me for others to be safe, vulnerable, and delivered to tell their true stories. Over recent years through my bumpy entrepreneurial journey, I was led back to how it all started- me, a mic and a camera. That was the core and all I needed before the fancy studio and amazing branding was one core purpose, and now I am driven by that. 

Any success advice for women in your industry?
  • Return to your first love.
    • At 7 years old, I had a stage in my backyard that I built out of scrap wood and an elevated platform up in my grandmother’s peach tree. I would host programs and play church at the time with me being the preacher and my friends all had a role in the program or service I was holding. It’s quite funny and prophetic now to think back on it and realize that as a child I got it, but as adults we talk ourselves out of it. I believe we are in a season that we are returning to the first love of our youth, the gifts we were designed to give to the world. It took a five year entrepreneurial pursuit along with decades of life to find my way back here. Allow the things that no longer serve that gift to fall off when their season expires to make room for your return to the primary gift of purpose. 
  • Serve your gift until you can work for your gift. 
    • People only see me in front of the camera. They do not see that it requires serving on the media team in my ministry, producing several other shows and platforms for others, countless hours of “YouTube” university and truly studying my craft of speaking, media and coaching. Although I had a natural acumen and talent for speaking, I couldn’t use that as an excuse to be lazy and not hone my craft. I eat it and perfect it. Your gift deserves your best, so spend time to give it the best version of you. 
  • Surrender control to capable, competent and God sent people. 
    • These people are your God-sent allies to drive your mission forward. I would hear the coaches and gurus always say delegate, hire, outsource and free up space and time when you are ready to scale. I used to think it took an uber rich person to do this. I also had to overcome limiting beliefs as a black woman that hiring help does not make me weak. Quite the opposite. It makes me strong enough and free enough to be mentally free to make high level decisions and put people in place who are more qualified than me to deliver and execute with excellence. 
  • If you are a Speaker, Speak!
    • Whether it is an audience of one at a networking mixer, 10-20 on an IG live or thousands on a stage, show up and speak! You only become good at what you practice, and you only get noticed for what you consistently show up and do. Don’t get stuck on the views and numbers at first, just commit to a schedule and show up no matter what. Trust me, the right people will take notice and support.   

What is next for you in 2022?

2022 is a year of elevation and celebration, as I intentionally set out to release a new season of The Activation Hour Show recorded live in the studio. I am looking forward to seeing a return to the original intent of creating and sharing the show as an in person event with live studio audiences. I believe content is communal and deserves to be shared in real time for the full experience. I want people to witness a full Activation with the energy, emotion and originality that happens on set with our special guest so that they experience their own memorable Activation of gifts, talents, dreams and ideas with us in person. The 2nd branch of our business, Activation Coaching International, is continuing to serve our Activation Coaches™ nationwide with retreats, group coaching and more tools to use their own voices to build brands and tell their stories. 

As we continue to build our Activation Nation, the goal is to serve with well executed experiences to Activate at mass whether on live in person stages, virtually through media, or in building up people through coaching to use their voices and come to the front of the camera and tell the untold stories (and I say we because I am not a one woman company, but team of creative leaders who run with our mission). 

How can readers connect with you online?

Connect with me at to learn more about speaking, coaching and coaching certifications, @activationhour and @melissadwhite on Instagram, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for live shows, coaching, and more at The Activation Hour at Melissa D. White