Embracing the Mindset of a Billionaire

Embracing the Mindset of a Billionaire

Written by @iamLillieMae

Have you ever considered what is actually delaying you from becoming the millionaire or billionaire that you've dreamed about? The current version of you is keeping you stuck as the current version of you.  Below are few adjustments that will lend to your acceleration toward the income and lifestyle of your dreams!

#1 You have to tap-into the Billionaire version of you. Ask yourself how would a Billionaire think, eat and behave daily. 

Who do they likely spend most of their time with?

Answer: People who can help them get to the next level and high-earning visionaries.


Next you have to discover what environments can connect you to the wealth-minded action takers in your community. For example, golf clubs or your local chamber of commerce are places that foster powerful connections and million dollar ideas. 

#2 Laser focus may require distance from your current circle of influence.

You have to assess WHO you are talking to the most and WHO you are spending most of your free time with. Ask yourself....does their current lifestyle reflect what you desire to have? 

Is your immediate circle inspiring you to elevate in your thinking and actions or are they keeping you stagnant.  Whether mentors or other high-earning business professionals, perhaps it is time to invite new energy and connections into your life. Some of your friends or family members are comfy with this current version of you and will encourage you to spend time doing things that keep you there.  Think about the last few ways you’ve spent time with close friends:


• Did you learn something that would help you elevate spiritually, emotionally, physically or financially?

• Did they invite you into a low-vibration environment or activity? i.e. a fast-food restaurant, walmart, club or activity that WASTES your time and doesn't increase your health, mindset, spiritual walk or income.

• Did they drain your time with favors or fruitless follies?

This point is not to down-talk them, it is for you to see the reality of how that connection is possibly keeping you STUCK.  Blind loyalty could be costing you the millions you desire to make and keep you attached to low-vibrational behavior and thinking. 

Don't underestimate how this is keeping you attached to lack.  It's been said that;

You become the 5 people that you spend the most time with or talking to, because they shape your behaviors.

Are the 5 people you talk to most just talkers that never take action?

Do you see any evidence of abundance in their life? 

Here is an uncomfortable adjustment: Find new connections who are taking actions on their dreams and have visible proof of abundance, acceleration and wealth.  Spend your time with people who have the lifestyle and income you desire!! High-vibrational thinkers and action takers will connect you to more opportunities to WIN.....not opportunities to WASTE your time.

You have to escape the energy of lack and struggle…..some people unknowingly carry that spirit on them.  So every time you hang out with them and talk to them, you are welcoming that energy into your life daily. You are stifling your own growth and delaying your next level.

Time is the most valuable asset you have. 

Millionaires recognize their value and worth, so they are very intentional with how their time is spent.  Are you spending most of your time in activities that yield NO advancements and keep you in a hamster wheel? This is a habit you must break to escape the hamster wheel. There should be a new sense of urgency about shifting your mindset and behaviors.  

• What cycles should you break to elevate your mindset, health & income?  

• Your YES has a cost. Everytime you say YES to someone, what is it costing you?

• Before saying Yes, ask yourself how would a millionaire respond?

• How would a millionaire spend their mornings or evenings or free time? 

Laser Focus & Boundaries is mandatory if you plan to reach millionaire status.

You can’t treat this goal as a casual idea, or say it outloud to make yourself feel like you're on track toward it. You must take it so seriously that your energy, attire, living environment, habits and connections all align with the vibration of wealth.

Create your 90-day wealth-focused plan today.

- Book a strategy session with me and let's create your 90-day wealth focused plan together!

- Allow distance between yourself and those that carry the spirit of stagnancy or lack. This will be tough, but imperative.

- Read for 30 minutes DAILY on investing, real-estate or wealth development.  

- Workout daily and repeat this affirmation while doing cardio:

"God's wealth is circulating in my life. It flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All of my needs, desires and goals are met instantly, because I am one with God and He is everything."

- Take an action step toward building wealth with what you already know and have. Don't get stuck in the cycle of learning but never applying.

- Commit to going to atleast one place weekly that caters to a high-vibrational lifestyle. Examples:

Test drive a TeslaBook Book an overnight stay at a 5-star hotel. Do a day pass at a Golf club. Go to a chamber of commerce meeting or Urban league meeting. Visit meetup.com or eventbrite.com to find real estate or investing seminars in your town.