Introducing Avis Dillard-Bullock!

Introducing Avis Dillard-Bullock!

Please introduce yourself and brand to readers:

I am Avis Dillard-Bullock, a Christian, wife, mother, retired Air Force veteran, author and Founder of Speak Life Caffe. Through sharing my life experiences and faith journey I hope to speak life/encouragement into another person’s journey who may be feeling they are the only person going through a challenge or trial.  Speak Life Caffe is my platform to do so. 

What has been your most exciting accomplishment to date? I have long wanted to be a published author.  Accomplishing this dream in 2022 by becoming an Amazon bestseller coauthor of Faith for Fiery Trials Vol III was an exciting accomplishment that I will long cherish.   My writing journey brought me into a relationship with some amazing writers and authors.  This achievement has ignited a zeal in me to write and share my experiences along my faith journey.    

Any advice to help women thrive through fiery trials?

While you are in the trial it may appear that things are not getting better and your efforts did not turnout as you had hoped…take heart and give it over to God.  This will require letting go of what you believe is the way it should be worked out and attuning your spirit to hear and see the move of God in your situation.  It will also require you to continue giving it over to God when things are not moving fast enough or when you believe you can handle it now because it is moving in the direction you want.

When you are in the trial it is challenging to differentiate between faith and will power.   Will power depends on self to get through and faith allows God to bring you through.  There is a lesson on the other side of the trial that will allow you to speak life and encouragement into another person’s faith journey.

What is next for you in 2023 and beyond?

My goal is to complete my first solo book in 2023; increase my social media presence through consistent postings that speak life; take advantage of writing opportunities and collaborations.  Cultivate opportunities to speak life through speaking engagements.  Continue to write and publish works. 

How can readers connect with you online?

I can be reached via email at  On social media…Facebook: speaklifecaffe or Instagram: @speaklifecaffe.  And through my website at