Introducing Chaplain Paulette McPherson, aka “The Practical Chaplain

Introducing Chaplain Paulette McPherson, aka “The Practical Chaplain

Please introduce yourself and your brand to readers:

My Name is Chaplain Paulette McPherson, aka “The Practical Chaplain.” I work for Johns Hopkins Medicine, am a Professional Certified Life Coach, and I am proud to say that I am also a first-time author!

What has been your most exciting accomplishment to date?

I have two exciting accomplishments. The first is becoming a Board Certified Chaplain, which means that I am an official member of the profession of chaplaincy at the highest level. It also means I have demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver evidence-based spiritual care. I can claim a seat at the interdisciplinary table with the rest of my healthcare team. The other exciting achievement is becoming a first-time author. I didn’t see it coming, honestly. However, Bishop Alfred A. Owens told me in 2016 that this would be happening. I believed him but still didn’t see it coming.

Any advice to help women thrive through fiery trials?

I advise developing spiritual disciplines that are suited to your personality. For EG., using the “Serenity Prayer” as a daily mantra works for me because it is simple and also very powerful. Also, take one day at a time and be kind to yourself. Lastly, implement a good self-care plan in your daily life. We do so much for others that we often forget to carve out time for ourselves. One more thing would be to encourage them to use the word no!! We have to set healthy boundaries.

What is next for you in 2023 and beyond?

I have no idea, but I know that my steps are ordered, and eyes have not seen nor ears have heard ALL the good, great, and exciting things that God has in store for me. I have a few ideas floating around in the air, and I believe that all you need is a God idea, and everything will fall into place. 2023 has been a rough year, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I believe 2024 will be bigger and better for me and those connected to me.

How can readers connect with you online?

Readers can connect with me through my website at