Introducing: Kiawana "Key" Leaf!

Introducing: Kiawana "Key" Leaf!

Please introduce yourself and your brand to readers:

An actress, entrepreneur, author, , and inspirational speaker is one way that describes me. Yet, transparent, authentic, and a force to be reckoned with. With God, I have a gift to inspire and empower others. That birthed my first business venture, Empower Too Inspire LLC®️. Empower Too Inspire®️ is very near and dear to me! Because, through this business venture, I discovered my purpose and identity.  

My mission is to inspire a nation to evolve in their truth, purpose, and power, while embracing vulnerability to heal, grow, and glow in their God-ordained destiny, unapologetically! 

I am a best-selling author, published 3 books, co-authored in over 10 projects. 2022, I became the Founder of BoyMomToo™️, a non-profit organization focused on impacting and improving support for mothers. I have an enormous heart for single moms, spiritual healing, and victims of domestic violence. Through both of my business ventures, my story will inspire you by encouraging you that the present pain is not the end. And your past is just a guide for a better future!

What has been your most exciting accomplishment to date?

My most exciting accomplishment would be becoming a mother! If I was presented with this question a few years ago. I would've easily said career success or financial wins. But my biggest accomplishment is Motherhood. Everyone can travel and celebrate their financial wins and career success. But not everyone can be a mother. It's a blessing and reward that I don't take likely nor for granted. 

This accomplishment isn't measured or determined by how much money I make or how many people praise or validate me. I don't have to perform to achieve anything. 

It's the simple authentic hugs, kisses, I love you, being a protector, teacher, doctor, and confidant. 

The thrill and joy I get, just by hearing mommy, mom, and/or ma will always be a moment I'm most proud of! 

Any advice to help women thrive through fiery trials?

Don't give up where you are. Mark 7:37 tells us that, "God does ALL things well."

You can give up on trying to control your trial and submit it to God. You can do that! Let God be God. He won't leave you like this. Rest knowing that His plan for you is to prosper and not harm you. Give you hope and a future! Jeremiah 29:11

Every fiery trial produces a blazing testimony!! 

What is next for you in 2023 and beyond?

Who knows what God has up His sleeves for me, business ventures, and where He will take me? But I am open to receiving all that He has in store for me. 

This year, I launched our inaugural community baby shower and I'm ecstatic to host our next one. Our annual health expo will be returning. I am currently working on my next book and conference. A few events coming to build, empower, and uplift our mommas, ladies, and community. 

How can readers connect with you online?

Please do connect with me and let's keep in touch. I'm excited for you and your future! My website is 

I am on Instagram at @Kiawana___ @boymomtooorg and @empowertooinspire. Facebook, Kiawana Leaf, and Instagram thread, Kiawana___.