Introducing Kristee Hall!

Introducing Kristee Hall!

Please introduce yourself and brand to readers: 

My brand, Kristee Hall, a motivational influencer, career coach and momprenuer.  My story began after I moved to the Washington, DC area in 2002 with great aspirations to do something different from my peers in Charleston, SC.  I always envisioned myself as a change maker and a helper of people.  I was the first of the grandchildren to attend college and to take such a big step of “moving out the nest”.  I have always strangely been one to step into uncomfortable positions that often lead to other open doors.

All of my experiences have led me to where I am today.  Many things I didn’t understand now I do very clearly.  Which is why I challenge readers to not be ashamed of experiences or feel that they have defeated you.  Look at them and see how strong they have made you.

What has been your most exciting accomplishments to date? 

My most exciting accomplishments to date are becoming a 3x best selling author and becoming a certified life coach.  My greatest accomplishment is being a mother to a micro-premie child.  From the last accomplishment the first two where born.  It’s the tough trial that I experienced from my baby almost dying that bore the desire in me to want my voice to be heard to help and encourage other women to speak or write their testimonies.  After the scare of my daughter not surviving from a coma at the time of her birth, I had a burning desire to become a life coach.  While she was in a coma, I attended and completed my life coach certification.  Then 5 years later, was introduced by my former co-worker and co-author Nicole Mason Esquire to the exciting and momentous Faith for Fiery Trials, Volume III and other opportunities that have exposed me to wonderful, powerful women I continue to work with to date.  It’s so much power in networking and being around an environment that encourages you to grow!

Any advice to help women thrive through fiery trials? 

I advise women to look deeply into themselves, find that time for “self-care”(whether big or small) and to seek God for that inner strength that guides you into greatness.  I believe that all of us have it, but do not always seek it.  Seek any creative outlet that allows you to give to the world that makes you unique.  There is always someone that is looking for what you have to offer.  Don’t be afraid to make that first step, it could change your life as it has mine.  I am truly grateful.

What is next for you in 2023 and beyond? 

Two solo projects by the end of the year.

How can readers connect with you online? 

Readers can connect with me online on Facebook: Kristee Renee Hall or Kristee Hall (business page); LinkedIn: Kristee Hall; Instagram: ItscoachKristee or KristeeHall; and