Making Black History Today! Dr. Nicole S. Mason Esq.

Making Black History Today! Dr. Nicole S. Mason Esq.

Tell us about yourself and your business journey:

I am a native Washingtonian, and I have always been an advocate for justice.  I am an attorney and on a mission to create inclusive environments wherever I find myself.  I am clear that one of my assignments in the Earth is to bring systemic change in environments that have been heretofore majority and male dominated.  My spirit energy is bold and bodacious and lends itself to break barriers.  I have been a trailblazer in both my personal and professional lives.  To that end, I have rarely lived within the confines of borders that others have attempted to set for me.  I was given permission early on in my life to live outside of the box.  My father told me, "Never let anyone put you in a box."  I have carried that fatherly wisdom with me and have instituted it in every area of my life.  


I was inundated with business all of my life.  My maternal grandmother was a business owner for more than 50 years.  She and my grandfather migrated to Washington, DC, from Saluda, South Carolina in the late 40s.  They started a dry cleaning and tailoring business.  My grandmother took over the reigns of the business after my grandfather suddenly passed away.  I was born the year after my grandfather passed away.  My grandmother was a powerful businesswoman.  She was one of two businesswomen in our entire community.  My business acumen is the result of my childhood around the business.  When my friends were outside playing, I was inside of my grandmother's business learning how to serve customers, order supplies and to deal with the various vendors that my grandmother did business with.  Needless to say, business comes very naturally to me.  I understand that entrepreneurship allows one to create success on their own terms.  


Today, I am a serial entrepreneur.  I serve clients via coaching, consulting and speaking.  I am also the owner of a boutique law firm.  I am also the Co-Founder of a Tech Company.  I am very intentional about utilizing all of my skills, gifts and talents here on the Earth.  I am clear that my grandmother's success was a matter of survival.  My success is a matter of choice.  I choose to take the rich foundation that has been laid for me in the world of entrepreneurship and build upon it with intentionality, excellence and a focus on generating wealth for my children and my grandchildren, just as my grandmother has done for me.


Which black history figure has inspired you the most and why?

Oh, this is an easy question for me.  My black history figure that has inspired me the most is my grandmother, Edna Mae Maynard.  She had an 8th grade education, but she was able to build and generate wealth "using what she had in her hand."  When the odds were stacked against her, the resilience that is in our DNA as a people rose up and did not let her quit.  She had a spirit within her that just wouldn't let her turn back, especially after my grandfather suddenly passed away.  I remember very vividly the bond that she shared with other women in the community, and how they helped each other to survive during some very difficult and dark times.  For example, when crack cocaine hit the streets of Washington, DC, my grandmother and several of the women in the community came together to help many of the children whose parents became addicted to the drug.  My grandmother's business was a safe haven after school for many of the children.  And, on and on.  My grandmother was a Boss before it was popular for women to be bosses of their own companies.  Although she wasn't "famous," her life and the way she lived impacted many!  


How have your efforts impacted the black community?

I answered the call to preach 20 years ago, and I have dedicated my life to empowering and encouraging women.  I believe that when women are healed and whole, so are their families.  I have served as a mentor, coach, spiritual advisor and leader to many women over the years.  I have helped women to go back to school, in an effort to enhance their knowledge, to get better jobs and careers.  Of course, this has led to economic enhancement in the community.  I have taught women to be confident and courageous in who they are and what they want.  This has led to women speaking up and advocating for themselves, leaving domestic violent relationships, failing marriages and dead end jobs.  Additionally, I have helped many in my community to tell their stories.  These encounters have led to family curses being broken, families seeking counseling and healing in families making family structures better. 


It is important to note that I have also served as an example to many women on what is possible.  My life has been and continues to be poured out like a drink offering, refreshing those that I come into contact with.  My impacting work in the lives of women was recognized by the Maryland Governor with the prestigious Governor's Citation.  


What is next for you in 2022 and how can readers connect with you online?

I am currently working on expanding and rolling out the programs for my Tech Company.  I am excited to be a diversity, equity and inclusion expert and able to use my background to help close the digital gap that is consistently happening in our community.  As I mentioned earlier in this interview, I am clear that I am called to bring systemic change, and what's happening in the digital world from cryptocurrency to competitive esports to the metaverse and the lack of awareness and education in many parts of our community about these important matters, is an assignment that God has laid at my feet to change.  

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Describe the legacy you plan to leave behind for generations to come.

I will leave a legacy of faith.  Faith that will lead to continued generational wealth.  Faith that will lead to spiritual and emotional well-being.  Faith that will lead to confidently pursuing all that God puts in their hearts.  Faith that will cause them to know that despite the obstacles and oppositions that those in the world attempt to put on them, say about them, bring before them and try to use against them, they hail from powerful kings, queens, inventors, brilliant creators, builders, doctors, lawyers, judges, etc.  Faith that encourages them that they shall have what their faith expects! (Matthew 9:29 The Passion Translation)


Dr. Nicole S. Mason, Esquire 

Success Strategist * Coach and Confidante to High Achieving Women