Making Black History Today! Premise Martin

Making Black History Today! Premise Martin

Tell us about yourself and your business journey:

My Name is Premise Martin, President and CEO of Pedi Licious Footwear and Sole Care. The pedicure sandal is a four prong toe separated sandal with semi arch support, able to wear before during and after a pedicure treatment. Our Natural and Organic Sole care products accompany our sandals, by way of hydrating, moisturizing and softening our skin and soles, ridding the dry skin often found on the sole, when not properly cared for. Our products are gender neutral and scented the same.

Which black history figure has inspired you the most and why?

Madam CJ Walker, she came, she saw and she created and conquered.  Despite her obstacles within and outside her own community. I see a lot of my journey through her story and I plan on victory being mine while history being made.

How have your efforts impacted the black community ~

Being one of the first female African American PATENTED footwear designers says and means a lot for our community. There are 3000 footwear companies and only a handful are black owned and designed and or women.

My efforts of volunteering to becoming a member of the footwear industry has opened doors and seats at some major footwear tables. There is still work to be done, however, I am grateful for how far I have come and still going and growing. 

What is next for you in 2022 and how can readers connect with you online?

I plan to open a showroom in my hometown of Morganville, NJ in 2022.  Email me at or call (973) 902-2100 or simply follow us on all social media for updates. 

Describe the legacy you plan to leave behind for generations to come:

The first African American footwear designer to license a footwear agreement with a major footwear brand! My goal is to collab/partner with the likes of NIKE, PUMA, CONVERSE AND UGG and the BIBLE says ask and you shall receive. I am doing just that!