Making Black History Today! Tareka Wheeler

Making Black History Today! Tareka Wheeler

Tell us about yourself and your business journey:

My journey is still happening and evolving each day. This is what I help my clients understand. As a Career & Mindset Strategist, I help high-achieving professionals, specializing in women of color and working parents, discover their unique value and design career strategies to increase their income all while achieving work-life harmony. Born and raised in Austin Texas, I made a big leap of faith in 2013 and moved to the east coast for my “dream job”. However, it was 2017 that changed my life. That’s when I decided to shift the trajectory of my career, and begin gaining clarity about my unique value, what I wanted in my career and life, and developed a strategy to get there. My experiences as a professional, and those of family and colleagues, has truly shaped the services and support I provide as a Career & Mindset Strategist.


In 2021, I launched a new professional development podcast and founded T.Wheeler Strategic Solutions, a career development and consulting company. I provide tailored and strategic solutions to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. I am on a mission to help 1,000 high-achieving professionals, especially women and working parents ,advance in their careers and achieve work-life harmony. 


Which black history figure has inspired you the most and why?


Before Mary Kay, there was Madam C.J. Walker. Walker is widely regarded as one of the first ever self-made American, female millionaires. She created hair-care solutions and remedies with Black women in mind and sold them door-to-door. She eventually created a brand people recognized, widely manufactured her products, and hired 40,000 ambassadors to help her sell her products!


Here boldness and tenacity is a driving motivation for me. Walker literally put "strategy" in business strategy. She had a clear vision, and dnr some of the most difficult times for the black community, and women as a whole, she persevered and rose above many demonstrating excellence and value.


I strive everyday to deliver excellence and value to my clients, and will continue to do so until I reach my goal.


How have your efforts impacted the black community?


Every masterclass, workshop, or career development service I provide has my black sisters and brothers in mind. As I help my clients increase their income and achieve work-life harmony, I know that I am making an impact by helping to reduce the weage and wealth gap in this country. According to Forbes' 2021 World's Billionaires List, there are 724 billionaires in America yet only seven of them are Black. That's just enough to sit at one dining room table since Black billionaires only make up less than one percent of the nation's billionaire population. What would Madam C.J. Walker think about that? She was a self-made millionaire before she passed away in 1919. Look at the black community today! We need to and can do better. 


What is next for you in 2022 and how can readers connect with you online?


My word for 2022 is "activate". I know that by activating my gaos and habits, I will achieve the success I desire. While I will be expanding my podcast and diversifying my guests, I am expanding my services and beginning to do more public speaking to educate and empower professionals. I want to not only help professionals develop strategies, but learn practical ways to implement them. Everyone is not designed to become an entrepreneur or business owner, and that is ok. You can have a fulfilling career that pays you a value assigned salary. 2022 in the year of the employee!


I'd love to connect with anyone that is ready to level up and advance in their career. Follow me at Professinal_DNA on instagram, and listen to the Professional DNA Podcasts on all podcasts streaming platforms. Ready to explore career development and advancement, then a Discovery Call is best! DM me on Instagram,or visit  to learn more about the Professional DNA Career Center and the services I offer.


Describe the legacy you plan to leave behind for generations to come:


As a mother of 3, legacy is extremely important to me. When I am no longer on this earth, I want my children and my children's children to know what it means to have wealth and how to both earn it and maintain it. My desire is to leave a roadmap that serves as a valuable model for them that will help them navigate life and achieve the success they both desire and deserve.