Meet Brown CEO: Krystle Saulsberry

Meet Brown CEO: Krystle Saulsberry

Krystle Saulsberry is a Pageant Expert & Digital Creator with nearly 20 years of pageantry experience. Her experience as a titleholder, coach, judge, emcee, and stage manager is what she brings to her business, Krystle Clear Pageantry.

Krystle Clear Pageantry is a digital platform that educates and helps ladies take the next “Krystle Clear” step so they can go from uncertainty to confidence towards the crown. Through this platform, contestants learn how to have a winning mindset, make a good presentation, and develop self-confidence. Krystle Clear Pageantry offers blog & social media content, books, digital products, and virtual events.

What inspired you to become a Brown CEO? 

I wanted to have the freedom to create the life I desired while unapologetically operating in my purpose. The pageantry industry helped shape me into the confident woman I am today, and I wanted to use this platform to educate and mentor other ladies on what it takes to experience success on and off the stage. 

Share your biggest accomplishment to-date: 

I have two I want to share. My first accomplishment is I received the opportunity to collaborate with Carole Gist who is the 1st Black Miss USA. I was able to interview her in 2020, and she served on my esteemed panel of judges for the Krystle Clear Pageantry Virtual Mock Interviews in 2021. 

My second biggest accomplishment is creating the 1st ever virtual 5K for women and girls in pageantry known as Race to the Crown. Race to the Crown promotes health and fitness within the pageantry industry.

Any success advice for women who desire to succeed in your industry?

Develop a winning mindset because success in pageantry is 80% mental and 20% technique.

What is next for you in 2022? 

I am in the process of writing my 1st children’s book that that will educate others on how pageantry aids in building self-esteem and transforming mindsets in children especially black girls. I also have a goal to produce an online course that will give ladies the blueprint they need to be successful in the pageantry industry and ultimately manifest a crown. 

How can readers connect with you online?