Meet Brown CEO:  Chef Marissa Jackson!!

Meet Brown CEO: Chef Marissa Jackson!!

What inspired you to become a CEO?  I have always been known as a go getter growing up though life, and of course we all have these visions of being a doctor, lawyer, teacher etc., right! I wanted to do something different to make a positive impact in the world in my own way, and I’ve always worked for someone, but then I had to realize I need to work for me in order to accomplish my dreams and goals, so that’s when I decided to brand my love for cooking by starting my catering company and then becoming a playwright and starting my own production company. 

What has been your most exciting accomplishment to date?  My most exciting accomplishment to date is where I am today in my life and where my faith walk has taken me. Although not fully where I want to be, I’m where I’m supposed to be at this moment. I’ve accomplished the uncomfortable part of life, and still getting through it, I’m just at a point of understanding it better.  

Any 2 pieces of advice you would share with other CEO’s?  Again, as an encourager, I wouldn’t say “advice” I would tell them 1. Never let anyone tell you, “You can’t do it, it costs too much, you’re not good enough” 2. Always keep in mind as you venture to become greater at what you’re doing or creating, there will always be down roads…but just don’t let it cause you to fall…. because it is a season for everything, and they do change! 

What’s next for you in 2023?  Skies the Limit!!! Continue encouraging through all platforms, becoming a bit more in the acting life, producing and play writing, mainly to continue learning what I don’t know for the better meant of my growth. 

How can readers connect with you online: 

Instagram - Marissa Jackson (Catering)

Instagram - MJFaithwalker (Production)

Face Book - Marissa Jackson 

YouTube - MarissasLoveCatering Kitchen