Meet Brown CEO: Mrs. Nana Churcher

Meet Brown CEO: Mrs. Nana Churcher

Mrs. Nana Churcher is an award winning international talk show host, motivational speaker, radio host, Emcee and an author.  She is the executive producer and host of one of the most sought after television shows and popular productions in the United Kingdom, across Europe and the Caribbean , ‘The Nana Churcher Show’ a one hour motivational show which seeks to inspire it’s viewers to become leaders in their chosen fields of speciality and also empower them to become agents of change in their societies.

Nana is also the CEO of Nana Churcher Multimedia and founder of Nana Churcher Foundation. She is married to Pastor Alfred Churcher and they have 4 beautiful children. Lois, Esther, Grace and Otumfoa. She resides in the United Kingdom with her beautiful family.

What has been your most exciting accomplishment to date?

Wow! Everything about my life excites me and as I grow older and wiser I appreciate life more. I celebrated my 50th birthday in May this year (2023) and on reflecting all these years, my exciting accomplishments is being there, being present for my children. The first two are your adults now  and seeing how responsible they are and helping their younger siblings, to me is precious, priceless and exciting and also having The Nana Churcher Show back in the studio is exciting as consistency is one of the keys which helps to become successful.

Any advice to help women thrive through fiery trials?

Look up to the hills, that is where your help comes from. Psalm 121 NIV.  Read the Bible. Know and believe that whatever you are going through shall pass. Pray and watch the words you say regarding the circumstances. Stay positive and choose wisely who you share your problems with. Be mindful of your support system.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Believe that God is with you and no matter what He will come through for you. Don’t Give up on hope and your faith.

What is next for you in 2023 and beyond?

2023 is my Golden Year and my Heavenly Father has been so good and gracious to me and my family. I am so thankful to launch my second book ‘Bigger Dreams and continue to expand my brand. Watch the space!

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