Meet Brown CEO: Yolanda Davis!

Meet Brown CEO: Yolanda Davis!

How are you contributing to women's history as a Brown CEO? 

As a contribution to Women's History Month, I have graciously accepted invitations to speak at 2 Women History Month Programs and a Youth Girl's program during the Month of March for no fee.   


What has been your most exciting accomplishment to date? 

My most exciting accomplishment is being the Founder and CEO of the Executive Lifestyle Academy.  As a young professional, I navigated my way from a Cubicle to the C-Suite.  Although many obstacles and barriers were thrown my way in my early professional career journey, my tenacity and ability to strategize allowed me to successfully thrive as an HR Executive which ultimately provided me the years of personal and professional experience to coach other CEOs and Executives. 


Any 2 pieces of advice you would share with emerging CEOs?  My two pieces of advice to CEOs is:

  1.  Scale to create a blueprint that frames what you want to achieve and remove the roadblocks for it to happen. 
  2.  Hire strategically to ensure collaboration and effectiveness to execute the mission and vision of the organization. 


What is next for you in 2022? 

My ultimate goal in 2022 is to be on as many stages possible to share my platform and build my tribe of Women CEOs! 


How can readers connect with you online? 

Instagram:  iamyolandakdavis