Meet Glam CEO:  Dominique Trotman

Meet Glam CEO: Dominique Trotman

Please introduce yourself and business to our readers:

My name is Dominique Trotman, I am a licensed nail technician in Boston MA. I am the owner of the only all men mobile grooming spa Far Beyond Sharp LLC. My business is a created space for men to take their appearance as a means of style. In two years we scaled from just mobile manicure and pedicures to now offering a full care treatment, specifically for men beards, called Edged Grooming. 

How are your current efforts helping to propel women forward?

I am helping women propel because I believe  couples who spa together, stay together, giving women a new perspective on how to better connect with their spouse on a more deeper level. Spa is a form of communication were you can show how you feel about one another physically and emotionally. Then by targeting men I am helping them understand that his demanding lifestyle requires some balance in order to remain healthy and sane. 

What advice would you share for building a recognizable brand in a saturated market?

The first advice I would give is to make sure what ever industry you want to go into, that it is your passion and do your research. The more information you have on your competitors, the better you will understand the market and thus be prepared to break in or expand. My second advice would be find your lane and stay in it. The overall market where you reside or want to enter may be saturated. But within that market, a specific niche may be open for your product or service. Access the common challenges customers face that may have been overlooked by the competition. Consider how you can address these challenges to fill existing gaps. 

How do you stay motivated during uncertain seasons?

I first pray to God and ask him to clear my mind and keep me mentally on the path I was created for. Then I go speak to my husband who  always reminds me that I have learned and grown as a person because of life’s surprises. Some of those surprises will be pleasant, and some will not. But in the end, I am who I am today as a result of my life experiences.

Tell us about your 2023 plans and how to connect with you online:
My plans for 2023 is to have my brand in all the local barber shops and to educate as many men as i can on how important it is to for them to take care of themselves and to maintain healthy beard. Women love men that care about their appearance and my motto is "soft hands touch more butts and no women wants to lay next to rough feet."  
You can find me on instagram @farbeyondsharp_ for my services and @edgedgrooming for all your beard and body needs. My website is