Meet Glam CEO: Dr. Ashley Little

Meet Glam CEO: Dr. Ashley Little

Please introduce yourself and business to our readers:

Dr. Ashley Little is the CEO/Founder of Ashley Little Enterprises, LLC, which encompasses her media, consulting work, writing, ghost writing, book publishing, book coaching, project management, magazine, public relations & marketing, and empowerment speaking. In addition, she is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, TV/radio host, TEDx speaker, international speaker, keynote speaker, media maven, journalist, writer, host, philanthropist,business coach, investor, advisor for She Wins Society, and 15-times award-winning bestselling author. As seen on Black Enterprise (2X), Forbes (2X), Sheen Magazine (Print and Online), New York Weekly’s Top10 Hardest Working CEOs alongside billionaire Mark Cuban, US Insider’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs alongside billionaire and media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, London Daily Post, Sheen Magazine 5 Pioneers Making a Difference in Their Communities, NC A&T Alumni Times, CEO Weekly Top 10 Influential People in 2021 alongside billionaires Jeff Bezos and Beyonce’ and many more.

Through the Biden & Harris Administration, and Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University, she was also awarded with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. She is a board member for Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University, as well. Recently, she won the title Ms. Georgia Global Continental 2023.

As a recipient of the “Author of The Year” award by Glambitious, she is also a part of The Forbes Next 1000 Class of 2021 in partnership with Square. This first-of-its-kind initiative celebrates bold and inspiring entrepreneurs who are redefining what it means to run a business. Furthermore, she was a recipient of Nashville’s Black 40 Under 40 Awards in December 2021. Itis an annual event honoring the best and the brightest for their accomplishments in their chosen field and for their contributions and commitment to the African American community. Dr. Little is also an official member of For(bes) The Culture. For(bes) The Culture was formed in Boston at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in October of 2017. They pride themselves on convening current and future black and brown leaders worldwide to network, collaborate, share opportunities, and discuss issues related to their communities and the planet at-large. She was recognized along with other influential leaders and distinguished entrepreneurs, including Oprah Winfrey, Mel Robbins, Gary V and many more for the annual Brainz 500 Global Awards List awarded by Brainz Magazine. Lastly, she is a proud member of The Chancellor’s Round Table at North Carolina A&T State University.

She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and a member of Alpha Phi Omega. She is very involved in her community, organizations and non-profits. Currently, she is the co-founder of Sweetheart Scholars non-profit organization, along with three other powerful women. This scholarship is given out annually to African American females from her hometown of Wadesboro, North Carolina who are attending college to help with their expenses. Dr. Little believes it takes a village to raise a child and she also encourages others to never forget where they come from. Dr. Little is a strong believer in giving back to her community.

How are your current efforts helping to propel women forward?
I'm a big believer in always reaching back and pulling forward. I genuinely want everyone to WIN so I'm always looking for ways I can help the next woman get to the next level. I do this on a consistent basis through my brand as a whole. 
What advice would you share for building a recognizable brand in a saturated market?
To keep going and do it anyway. Their is truly room for all of us at the table we are better together. Lastly, if you want to build a recognizable brand learn the power of collaboration over competition.
How do you stay motivated during uncertain seasons?
God, prayer, self-care, manifesting and writing down my goals, working out and putting myself in circles with people who are smarter than me and are where I want to be. 
Tell us about your 2023 plans and how to connect with you online:
I plan to continue to collaborate and take my brand to the next level. I have some exciting things planned for 2023 partnerships, speaking opportunities, launches etc.
Instagram: _ashleyalittle
Facebook: Dr. Ashley Little