Meet Glam CEO: Dr. Nikki Zeigler!

Meet Glam CEO: Dr. Nikki Zeigler!

How are your current efforts helping to propel women forward?

My goal is to use every part of my life to provoke and motivate Women in Business and Ministry to live their best life through Christ. I truly believe in order to be fulfilled, you must be teachable, coachable and understand that collaboration is a MUST.

What advice would you share for building a recognizable brand in a saturated market?

My advice is to be consistent, learn how to collaborate with likeminded people and put Christ first.

How do you stay motivated during uncertain seasons?

I stay motivated when I see my husband and my children. I stay motivated when I see women that I mentor shift and change for the better.

Tell us about your 2023 plans and how to connect with you online:

2023 plans to keep getting God's permission to move, stay focus on His plans and be a light to those who are in darkness.

To connect with Dr. Nikki visit: or follow her on Instagram: @DrNikkiZeigler