Meet Glam CEO: Lynn Moman

Meet Glam CEO: Lynn Moman

Please introduce yourself and business to our readers:

Hello, my name is Lynn Moman, CEO of Bright Star Talent Management. We represent talent, provide booking services, talent management, industry training, entertainment, consulting, marketing, castings services, and production services.

How are your current efforts helping to propel women forward?

My current efforts helping propel women forward is providing an outlet for women to tell their story to other women and children through the Women Uplifting Women Tour, providing life coaching and industry training.

What advice would you share for building a recognizable brand in a saturated market?

My advice I would give for building a recognizable brand is to network. Networking is your net worth, building relationships. A Lot of people get caught up in having social media followers instead of networking with people that will support your brand.

How do you stay motivated during uncertain seasons?

I stay motivated during uncertain seasoning by meditating, affirmations, yoga, working out, praying and spending as much quality time with my family.

Tell us about your 2023 plans and how to connect with you online:

My plans for 2023 is to continue to manifest all of my heart's desires and to inspire as many people as I can.

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