Meet Glam CEO: Shanna A. Jefferson

Meet Glam CEO: Shanna A. Jefferson

Please introduce yourself and business to our readers:

I hail from Allendale, SC graduating in 2002 from Allendale-Fairfax High School. Upon graduation, I matriculated to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill earning my Bachelor of Public Policy and Master of Social Work degrees. Currently, I am completing my Doctorate in Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurship. 

My life motto is “For to whom much is given, of him much shall be required”.  With that being said, my primary purpose and passion in life is to serve as an agent of change. I haven’t been fed with a silver spoon in the traditional sense of the saying. However, I’ve been blessed with a silver spoon filled with grace, gratitude, humility, integrity, faith, service, divine connections, and the spirit of greatness.

Professionally, I am a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Small Business Consultant, Author, Corporate Trainer, and Motivational Speaker. . As of February 25, I will celebrate 10 years as the Owner,  CEO, and Lead Psychotherapist of Destination Greatness Mental Health Services. 

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia my practice Destination Greatness Mental Health Services helps men and women who are experiencing anger, grief, shame, or depression reclaim their superpower to live their best life. Our clients are stay-at-home parents, executives, teachers, medical professionals, and really just the everyday person feeling stuck and ready for a change in their life.  

As a Certified Life and Business Coach with Visions of Greatness Enterprises, I help entrepreneurs create harmony in life and business through personal development, mental wellness, and sustainable business practices. Services offered include mental wellness checkups, strategy sessions, self-care assessments, the “Be Your Own Boss” jumpstart package, and the Burnout To Breakthrough Intensive. 


How are your current efforts helping to propel women forward?


Being a black woman in business means representation. Moreso, for me, being a black girl from Allendale, SC which has been documented as one of the poorest counties in the United States, being a Black woman in business signifies that all things are possible.

Thus, I am committed to helping propel women forward through a multtide of efforts including emotional healing via my mental health agency and business ownership via my coaching and consulting frim. 

In addition to the aforementioned efforts,  I launched my life coaching platform called Living Boldly With Shanna which is  for the bold, audacious and unstoppable black woman. Together, we will encourage and inspire each other to turn our pain into purpose and further capitalize on our adversities to fuel our greater purpose in life.

What advice would you share for building a recognizable brand in a saturated market?


Building a recognizable brand in a saturated market can be a challenge, but it is possible with the right strategies. My advice would be to focus on creating a unique and differentiated brand identity and then communicate it consistently. Start by researching your target audience and competitor brands to gain insights into what makes your brand stand out. Then, create a brand identity that reflects the core values your target audience connects with, and use this identity to create a consistent message and visual style across all your marketing channels. Finally, leverage the power of social media to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness. By focusing on creating a unique and recognizable brand identity, and then communicating it consistently, you can set your brand apart from the competition and build a recognizable brand in a saturated market. And above all us...Show Up! 


How do you stay motivated during uncertain seasons?


Staying motivated during uncertain seasons can be a challenge. However, there are a number of strategies I use to keep myself motivated. First, as I encourage my therapy and coaching clients to do, I focus on the things that I can control instead of worrying about the things that I can't. I also set daily goals and take action on them to help me stay on track. I also make sure to take time for myself to do something I enjoy. This could be anything from reading a book to exercising or traveling. Finally, connect with the people around you who can provide support and encouragement. Whether it's family, friends, or colleagues, make sure to reach out to them and talk about how you're feeling.

I also will add that remembering my why and prayer have helped me in transcending my darkest seasons.  



Tell us about your 2023 plans and how to connect with you online:

I’m immensely grateful for the opportunities and blessings that will manifest in 2023!  

On February 25, I will celebrate 10 years as CEO and Lead Psychotherapist of my mental health agency Destination Greatness with a celebratory and informative event themed “Roadmap To Greatness”. Tickets start at only $10 for access to 10 expert speakers. Brand exposure and sponsorship opportunities are also available. Learn more at

On April 1, we will launch the Burnout To Breakthrough Intensive. The Burnout To Breakthrough Intensive is a 6-week 1:1 coaching and empowerment program curated by Psychotherapist and Business Coach Shanna A. Jefferson to help entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders experience greater harmony in life and business. Learn more and book a Discovery Call at


Thanks again for this amazing opportunity to share my brand with your audience. 

To schedule a consultation or strategy session, please visit my website at

Readers can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin at “Shanna A. Jefferson”. 

To attend or sponsor my 10th Business Anniversary Celebration, The Roadmap To Greatness Conference, visit