Meet Glam CEO: Yvette Caslin

Meet Glam CEO: Yvette Caslin

Tell us about yourself and your business journey.

I started one of my first businesses in 2016, Culture|Capital, a communications agency that helps businesses amplify their brand's presence. One of the biggest challenges a small business faces is its need for more capital. As I delved deeper, I realized most startup founders and entrepreneurs didn't have access to capital and weren't sustainable because their businesses weren't properly structured or positioned to build tax-free wealth. That led to my next business, The Pinkprint LLC, a strategic consulting and financial services firm developed to bridge the socioeconomic divide for minority-owned enterprises by emphasizing financial education and literacy. The Pinkprint specializes in serving individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. 


What has been the ultimate inspiration for your pursuits?

I advocate fiercely for the culture and Black wealth. The generational health and wealth of my community are important to me.


How have your efforts impacted the lives of others over the years?

I make complex financial concepts simple and demystify taxation. One example is our tax strategy and tax planning service. It's a must for small business owners in two ways: savings and improving cash flow, and subsequently essential for wealth creation and sustainability.


What is next for you in 2023, and how can readers connect with you online?

In 2023, I will achieve my personal goal of obtaining the highest credential the IRS awards and creating a workplace where employees will love to come to work. 


Readers can connect with me via email at, my website at, and Instagram @ATLTaxQueen. Please tune in, like, and subscribe to my eponymous channel,, where I drop financial, spiritual, and cultural gems. 


Describe the legacy you plan to leave behind for generations to come.

As the ATL Tax Queen and America's Small Business Strategist, I helped millions of individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses by empowering them to create generational wealth, enjoy the tax advantages of a proper entity structure, and ace their credit scores. I am leaving a legacy of wisdom, wealth, and a family trust.

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