Meet: Kenz A. Soliman

Meet: Kenz A. Soliman

How do you balance entrepreneurship with motherhood?

By always working on my mindset. As a mom, there's always so much on my plate and with growing a business, there are days where things become a little (ok, a lot) crazy! Mindset work is my go-to key to keep as much balance as I possibly can and it is always important to accept that we're humans and sometimes no matter how hard we try, there will be things that will need to change so we can keep going.

What 3 steps helped you to become successful as a Mompreneur?

Step 1: Always doing mindset work
Step 2: Understanding that my baby is going to grow up and my responsibilities will change and that I will have more free time for business when he grows up
Step 3: Learning from inspiring women who share openly about their mom lives and inspire me to keep going.

Any advice for moms who are considering a pivot into
entrepreneurship right now?

A3: Do it! Chase your dreams while you raise your kids! yes, there will be ups and downs, yes there will be challenges, but you will learn so much and your kids will grow up watching you chase your dreams and be inspired to chase their own.

Q4: What is next for you in 2022 and how can readers connect with you

A4: I'm currently working on launching 4 new courses by the end of June 2022, and a membership site is coming very soon! You can find me over at and at IG I have a free training for you if you want to start an online course business that is set to success from day 1.