Meet Kerry Ann Zamore!

Meet Kerry Ann Zamore!

Kerry Ann, what can the reading audience expect from you in the first quarter of this new year?

I am very excited about this quarter in 2022, we have a lot going on! Our Stage Play Prodigal is coming to the Baugh Performing Arts Center at University of Mary Hardin Baylor in February, Our Film Shattered Pieces will be screening at several film festivals in January and February, I am the Keynote speaker in two Cities for MLK’s Birthday Celebration and I have two films in post production coming April 2022. I also have a few collaborations which will be announced soon. 

What words would you say to the wounded entrepreneur?  

Keep going, no matter who leaves or who stays, stay focused! Go through the rough times, it helps build character;  Take time for self-care, study your craft so you don’t repeat the same mistakes and surround yourself with people who are genuinley  happy to see you win. It is ok to feel disappointed when things don’t work out, just don’t stay there. Pray, Plan, Process, Execute and learn the art of the Pivot! Be your authentic self and be intentional in all you do. Be honest with yourself and take ownership when you make mistakes. We are all becoming, choose who you become in the process, better, or bitter! 

How do you NOT give up?

Not giving up is a state of mind! It is the sense of purpose that no matter what I know this is what I want and need to do. Not giving up is like breathing, stopping is not an option!  It is being so focused and goal oriented that every set back is a set up for the next thing! Not giving up takes practice, sacrifice, and emotional intelligence. 

Tell us about your career in making films.

I started writing Stage Plays when I was 12, that was and still is my passion. In 2016 I launched my company and we performed numerous stage plays in our surrounding community. But I realized that I could on touch one population at a time.  I met an indie Filmmaker who  invited me to be a part of his project.  It came natural to me. So the next step was to plan and execute! I decided to adapt my stage play into a screen play.   I fell in love with the process and have continued my journey not just with my projects but also helping other indie filmmakers cast, direct, produce and even act in their projects as well. Currently I am involved in the production of 3 different projects. I have 2 projects in post production. I am humbled to say, my projects have been screened in numerous festivals and have won many awards. 

How can people stay connected with you? 

Follow me on my website,, Instagram and Facebook Kzamore Enterprises