Meet Mompreneur Charmaine Gibbs-West!

Meet Mompreneur Charmaine Gibbs-West!

How do you balance entrepreneurship with motherhood?

It's a juggling act, for sure! For me, it comes down to scheduling and time blocks. There are specific days of the week and times that I dedicate to my business. Normally, it happens when my daughter is at school. Evenings and weekends, she always comes first. When I work on my business from home, she’s either asleep or otherwise engaged in her own activities. 


What 3 steps helped you to become successful as a Mompreneur?

  • Putting myself first (i.e., spirituality, health and self care –To ensure I can consistently perform at my best)


  • Creating better structure in my life (Systems = success! Scheduling and time blocks allow me to execute my CEO duties as well as properly rest, being a mom and a wife.)


  • Hiring Coaches and Mentors (These professionals are essential for pushing me beyond my comfort zone into my next level of greatness)


Any advice for moms who are considering a pivot into entrepreneurship right now? 

Mindset work and strengthening your spiritual practices are the two first steps that I recommend. The third is to engage in business coaching. Entrepreneurship can be extremely difficult on mental health. You will question yourself often. Your original business idea may have to pivot and become something else, etc. So if you have clarity about the impact you want to have on the world, the “how”, which is your business, can be fluid. 


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