Meet Mompreneur: Derry Cox!

Meet Mompreneur: Derry Cox!

How do you balance entrepreneurship with motherhood?

My children are older now but I am still responsible for making sure that they have all they need whether it’s emotionally or financially as much as I can and that is important to me I do have a full-time job in finance working at a hospital so I have to juggle my job as well it all comes down to having a daily plan and sticking to it.

What three steps help you become a successful Mompreneur?

As I mentioned in the first question having a planner helps a lot and the three steps I would say to become successful Mompreneur is get a planner and do the best you can to follow that planner and three stay focus do not get sidetracked because when you are going for or I should say when you are serving your purpose there will be many distraction that will come your way just remember to stay focused keep that in mind that you want to happen and keep pushing forward to that very thing.

Any advice from moms who are considering a pivot into entrepreneurship right now?

My advice would be to those who are considering a pivot into entrepreneurship is to make a plan make sure that what you are whatever it is that you want to achieve whatever it is you’re selling or any course whatever it is that you put your mind to that you’re passionate about make sure that you are indeed passionate about it because if you are passionate about doing something you will be successful in the end so stick with the plan no matter what I said to stay focus you can do anything you put your mind to.

What is next for you in 2022 and how can readers connect online?

My skincare product line is launching in July 2022, also I recently published my second book the child within which is a sequel which will probably be out early next year. My first book “The Scars I come with” is available wherever books are sold. Or readers can always find me and I can send an autographed copy to them as well. 

And readers can connect with me on Instagram @IamDerryCox and @Preuveskincare.

I do write poetry and I have a Poetry page called @Derry‘s poetry lounge, and on Facebook @iamderrycox