Meet Mompreneur: Dr. Gail K. James!

Meet Mompreneur: Dr. Gail K. James!

Introduce yourself and business to readers:

I’m Dr.Gail James I am a Pastor,  Trauma Expert, Mother, and Wife. I am the CEO of Heavenly Home Sweet Home INC which is a home health care agency that provides services in Florida and the US Virgin Islands. I am also CEO of Virgin Islands Agency for Restorative Care INC which is a mental health practice that provides counseling parenting classes and many other community services for the US Virgin Islands. I also created Dr. James Counseling and Consulting Services which is a mental health agency in the Florida area. I have an nonprofit Sanctuary of Change Incorporated which that provides services to women that have been through Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse the other one provides services to parents of children with disabilities and mental health issues. 

Share your top 2 most proud accomplishments to-date:

Becoming a mother, my first child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy from the age of 1. She is still developmentally disabled and physically disabled still in a wheelchair. I am proud to be her mom and her most primary caretaker. That is one of my most proud accomplishments today. I would say my second most proud accomplishment is to be an example to all of my children. I am becoming a Proverbs 31 woman to My husband Rick James especially because I have been through alot of trauma and now I am a multi-millionaire and have businesses all across the world.

What advice would you share to help other mompreneurs thrive in uncertain seasons?

If I can say one thing to help a mompreneur in this season it would be that they should endure the process because it leads to progress. Every setback, every obstacle was not meant to deter you but to build your character, tenacity, determination, courage, perseverance and confidence to propel you into your purpose and destiny.

What is next for you in 2023 and beyond:

I have a new book coming out, different speaking engagements around the world and expanding my business to encourage and empower women specifically to let them know that they can be the best version of themselves. There is no need to compete, just get up every day and try to be a better you than you were yesterday. I just became an Amazon Best Seller Anthology. I am expanding my business in home and mental health arena.  It's looking amazing for me 2023 and beyond

How can readers work with you + connect online?
You can find me on Facebook Gail K James and on Instagram Gail K James.