Meet Mompreneur Dr. Shellie Hipsky!

Meet Mompreneur Dr. Shellie Hipsky!

How do you balance entrepreneurship with motherhood?

All motherhood is a balancing act! As a Mompreneur I tend to see myself as the Ringleader of the three-ring circus. “Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the ‘Motherhood Ring’ as the tightrope walker navigates a narrow rope .. trying to get the kids to rehearsals and sporting events with bellies filled with wholesome food! Let’s hope she doesn’t fall!”

In the next breath, I am bellowing, “The spotlight has moved to the ‘Entrepreneur Ring’ as the Lion Tamer tries to keep the customers, clients, staff and social media trolls at bay while budgeting for cash flow and keeping PR in line. Don’t get eaten alive in there!” Sometimes the spotlight dims on the ‘Self-Care Ring’ before the end of the show for the night; and the Trapeze Artists in that ring don’t even get the opportunity to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Keeping in flow and living a peaceful life of ease is the goal as a Mompreneur, but it is not always the reality. I hope for your Big Top home to have all of the magic of the circus and none of the chaos of a car full of clowns! 

What 3 steps helped you to become successful as a Mompreneur?

  1. Determine your needs and gaps in your knowledge and talents, because none us can or should do it all. Then form a team that you can count on to support your business growth.
  2. Dream big with your vision and mission.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks and to pivot when needed. The only thing that Mompreneurs can count on is that there will be change in the future, you need to go with the flow and see that it’s all working towards a higher plan.

Any advice for moms who are considering a pivot into entrepreneurship right now?

Join a program such as my EmpowerU Master Class to learn along-side with a tribe of other women who know the challenges and will celebrate your growth. Don’t quit your day job until you are ready. Create a workable plan and allow yourself the flexibility to change it as you move forward. You can do this. Seek me out if you want support from me as the Global Empowerment Coach! 

What is next for you in 2022?

In 2022 already I have earned the titles of: an “Empowered Woman”, “Elite Business Leaders to Watch”, “Most Influential Female Entrepreneurship Coach”, “A Top Entrepreneur in the US”, “Women Leaders to Look Up To”, “Top 10 Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs”, “Top 20 Business Coaches to Watch For”, “The 10 Most Influential Women Business Leaders”, and “Global Woman Influencer”. I have spoken internationally in Cancun, Mexico and on dozens of stages including at Harvard University. I have filmed multiple TV shows and my story can be seen in "Speak Up!" on Amazon Prime based on my 13th book Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants: Entrepreneurial Secrets for Creating Your Dream Business and Brand and the docu-series "The Making of an Entrepreneur".

In the last quarter of 2022, I plan on speaking at the Powerful Women in Leadership WOIII Summit in Arizona, being honored by IATOP as the Global Empowerment Coach of the Year at the Bellagio in Vegas, leading my EmpowerU Master Class,  and launching CEO Mom Global in the near future! I will continue to grow, scale, lead, empower and inspire!

How can readers connect with you online?

Insta: @Dr. Shellie 
Twitter: @DrShellieHipsky

Facebook: @ShellieHipsky