Meet Mompreneur Laray Dyer!

Meet Mompreneur Laray Dyer!

How do you balance entrepreneurship with motherhood?

Hi, I’m Laray and people call me the Comeback Coach.  I help mothers come back from depression and gain the clarity, courage, and confidence to create the life of their dreams.  

I speak to so many women who once felt like capable and accomplished individuals who were thriving in their lives before they had children; but, upon becoming mothers feel sad, lost, and reduced to living a life where they’re barely hanging on. 

I work with them because I understand the pain they’re feeling because I’ve been there myself.  As a new mother, I felt sad, stuck, and frustrated.  I found finding balance and accomplishing dreams and aspirations beyond the scope of motherhood requires a 5-step plan: 

  • Step 1: Believe - Know who you are and whose you are
  • Step 2: Get clarity – Know where you are and where you're going
  • Step 3: Take courage – Know that God is with you
  • Step 4: Have confidence – Know that your self-esteem will evolve
  • Step 5: Comeback from depression to create the life of your dreams

What 3 steps helped you to become successful as a Mompreneur?

I found life as a new mother almost impossible.  I was exhausted and incredibly sad.  I adored my daughter but found it so difficult to get out of the house with her to the point that I just stayed in.  I knew I had to get my fight back.  

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find anyone to help me.  Then, one day I found myself in a book store and was inspired to write about my journey.  I released my book three months later.  


Writing a book was Step 1 for me.  Then, I got a coach who activated me and helped me to turn my book into a brand (Step 2).  Finally, I built authentic community through Clubhouse and Instagram and extended an offer (Step 3).  The rest is history.

Any advice for moms who are considering a pivot into entrepreneurship right now?

Three out of five women of color suffer with postpartum depression and the majority don’t even know it.  Undiagnosed and untreated it can leave mothers with ongoing clinical depression.  

As a new mom, I remember thinking, “Why is this so hard?”  I have two graduate degrees and have made it to the top of the career ladder.  I have led numerous missions to Africa as an ordained minister, empowering thousands of women and girls.  Yet here I am using every part of me to complete the simplest task with my baby.  

If you are thinking about pivoting into entrepreneurship, and are having difficulty parenting, my advice is that you get help.  Discern what you need.  Ask your family, friends, and significant other for support.  Hire a coach and whatever added services you may need—a therapist, psychiatrist, etc.  Once you’re able to manage your load in a healthy way, pivot!

What is next for you in 2022 and how can readers connect with you online?

I meet so many mothers who feel that the person they used to be is slipping away and each day is a battle trying to reclaim parts of who they were. So, in 2022, I’m focusing on 1:1 coaching.  

I’m the Comeback Coach—and I can be the one to help you come back too.  I work with you in a faith-based way.  We work on creating clarity so you can continue with courage and the confidence to make your comeback.  

You can follow me on Instagram @laraydyer.  Select the link in my bio and schedule a 1:1 Comeback Plan Consultation Call.  There’s no better time to start.  I’m here for you.