Meet Mompreneur: Tamar Yahawahdah

Meet Mompreneur: Tamar Yahawahdah

Introduce yourself and purpose to the readers:

My name is Tamar "Tamarahyah" Yahawahdah, and I proudly serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Rejuvenation Junction Massage and Spa Services LLC, a premier establishment located in the heart of Tacoma, Washington. Over the past 8 years, I have attained dual licensure as a highly skilled and accredited Massage Therapist, Esthetician, and Esthetic instructor.

With unwavering dedication and passion for the wellness industry, my primary objective is to provide our esteemed community with tailored and sophisticated modalities, fostering a stress-free self-care regimen. Whether it be through the art of luxurious facials, therapeutic massages, or invigorating body detox services, I strive to create an environment that encourages holistic rejuvenation and enhances the overall well-being of our cherished clientele. Our spa services aim to offer a sanctuary of relaxation and revitalization for all those seeking solace from the demands of everyday life.

I take immense pride in our commitment to excellence, ensuring that each individual receives personalized attention and indulgence, promoting a sense of tranquility and self-awareness. By meticulously curating bespoke wellness experiences, we endeavor to elevate the standard of self-care in our community, one client at a time.

Thank you for considering Rejuvenation Junction Massage and Spa Services LLC as your sanctuary of choice, and I eagerly look forward to the opportunity of providing you with an unparalleled and enriching spa journey.

What are 3 keys to balancing life as a mompreneur?

My top three guiding principles encompass essential aspects for personal and professional success:

1. Effective Time Management: I firmly believe that mastering time management is paramount to achieving productivity and balance in every endeavor. By efficiently allocating and prioritizing tasks, I maximize productivity and ensure that I can devote ample attention to the most critical aspects of my work and personal life.

2. Discipline and Dedication: Cultivating a strong sense of discipline allows me to stay focused on my goals and persevere through challenges. With unwavering dedication, I can consistently work towards my aspirations and maintain a strong work ethic that fuels my growth and success.

3. Unwavering Drive - Knowing Your Purpose: Understanding my "why" provides me with an unwavering drive and a deep sense of purpose in all that I do. This clarity enables me to channel my passion into my endeavors, ensuring that my actions are meaningful, impactful, and in alignment with my core values.

Embracing these key principles empowers me to make the most of each day, remain steadfast in my pursuits, and live a purpose-driven life. As I continually strive to improve and grow, these three pillars serve as my guiding compass, propelling me towards greater achievements and fulfillment.

Share your most proud personal and professional accomplishment to-date:

As a parent and entrepreneur, witnessing all of my children successfully graduate from high school and embark on their entrepreneurial paths fills me with immense pride and joy. It is a testament to the values of hard work, determination, and resilience that I strive to instill in them.

On a personal and professional level, I am elated to have reached the significant milestone of seven years as an entrepreneur. Throughout this journey, I have dedicated myself to building and nurturing Rejuvenation Junction Massage and Spa Services LLC into a thriving and reputable establishment. Moreover, achieving 6.5 years of being fully self-employed demonstrates my commitment to sustaining and growing my business, embracing the challenges that come with entrepreneurship, and embracing the rewards that come with it.

As an entrepreneur, I continually seek ways to innovate and improve, ensuring that our spa services remain at the forefront of excellence and customer satisfaction. Witnessing the positive impact of our offerings on our esteemed clientele further fuels my passion for providing unparalleled wellness experiences.

I am grateful for the unwavering support of my family and the community, whose trust and patronage have contributed to the success and longevity of my entrepreneurial journey. With each passing year, I aspire to reach new heights and set new standards for myself, my business, and the well-being of our cherished clientele.

I remain deeply committed to fostering a culture of wellness, relaxation, and self-care within our community, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunities that the future holds for continued growth and prosperity in both my personal and professional endeavors.

What is next for you in 2023?

As we find ourselves well beyond the halfway mark of the year, I am fervently driven to further cultivate meaningful connections within my community. My strategic vision involves forging strong partnerships through sponsorships, actively participating in various vending and networking events, and marking an important milestone in September by attending the esteemed 5th annual Black Spa Expo.

With the remainder of the year stretching ahead, I am resolute in my commitment to expand my network, establishing lasting collaborations with like-minded individuals and businesses. By engaging in sponsorships, I aim to contribute to community initiatives while simultaneously reinforcing the presence of Rejuvenation Junction Massage and Spa Services LLC as a responsible and benevolent corporate entity.

Taking a proactive approach, I shall seize the opportunity to engage with diverse audiences by attending vending and networking events. These occasions will allow me to showcase our spa's unique offerings, establish rapport with potential clients, and strengthen relationships with fellow entrepreneurs and professionals in the wellness industry.

The 5th annual Black Spa Expo holds great significance for me, both professionally and personally. I eagerly anticipate this prestigious event, where I will gain invaluable insights, attend enriching workshops, and connect with industry experts. My attendance at this gathering underscores my dedication to staying abreast of the latest trends and developments in the spa and wellness sector.

As we look ahead, I am filled with enthusiasm and determination to elevate the presence of Rejuvenation Junction Massage and Spa Services LLC in the community and beyond. My proactive efforts to build bridges, support local initiatives, and engage with diverse audiences align seamlessly with our commitment to fostering a culture of self-care and well-being.

Through these endeavors, I am confident that the remainder of the year will be marked by substantial growth, new opportunities, and strengthened bonds within our vibrant community. Together, we shall continue to inspire and empower individuals to embrace the transformative power of self-care and holistic rejuvenation.

How can readers work with you or connect online?

You can easily connect with me and explore the world of rejuvenation and wellness through various channels:

- Social Media: Join me on my vibrant social media platforms where I share valuable insights and updates as @rejuvenationjunction. Follow me for the latest trends, self-care tips, and exclusive offers that promote a balanced and rejuvenated lifestyle.

- Website: Delve into the immersive world of rejuvenation and self-care at Here, you'll discover a treasure trove of customized spa services, luxurious treatments, and transformative experiences tailored to meet your unique needs.

- Email: For any inquiries or personalized assistance, feel free to reach out to me directly at I'm here to answer your questions, offer guidance, and ensure that your wellness journey is nothing short of exceptional.

Stay connected, and let's embark on a journey of wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation together. I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you on your path to stress-free self-care and well-being!