Meet: Natalie Cargile!

Meet: Natalie Cargile!

Please let our audience know what it is that you do and what prompted you to enter this line of business?

I have been in love with media and storytelling since 9th grade when I said I wanted to be Ananda Lewis. I continued my journey to Howard University for my Undergraduate degree and in my senior year after years of applying I finally got my first position at MTV. I continued on my journey to get my Masters in Electronic Media at Miami University. I had a few great jobs in Florida that allowed me to create the reel that eventually landed my first morning show host job in Midland, Texas.  

With having a background as a news anchor for many years, I have always understood the importance of the role the media plays. 

 Fast forward a few years, marriage and 3 kids I decided to step back into my purpose in media by creating the CONNECT Network®. From directing, producing, managing a team, hosting and so much more I am so proud to be hands-on in my business and creating space for other women in business and female entrepreneurs to amplify their business.

How important is it for women to have a voice in your particular field?

Women have historically been left out of the conversation and now that is changing. I am proud that the CONNECT Network® can be a part of shifting that. Women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs, we need to hear their stories, understand their challenges if we want our communities to be better. Representation is so important and in today's age there are endless outlets for people to connect with so it's important that we are hearing dynamic and fearless women to tell their story so others can learn from those who have gone before them.

What have you learned about yourself in doing this type of work? How has it changed you (if at all)?

I have learned how to Buy-My- Balance! Being a mom and wife and business owner I had to figure out what you can delegate and what you can do yourself. This simple mindset shift has allowed me to be more present with my kids and my husband and not regret the way I am spending my time. 

Can you provide specific examples of individuals who have benefitted from your work?

I think giving women a platform to share their excellence with the world and putting people on TV (often for the very first time) in front of millions is the greatest gift I could ever share.  I’ve watched women benefit in countless ways from being apart of The CONNECT Network TV®  Past guests have gone on to be apart of National Broadcasts and publications, they have been honored and recognized by International outlets and are now feeling validated, but more importantly they are expanding their platforms, developing their communities, and building personal connections with the high hanging fruit in our Network that they can now call friends.

What else would you want people to know about you or your work, or anything else you want our audience to know in general? 

The playing field is even. If you create good content the people will follow. Do not be intimidated by what you see others do, but focus on what you do great and what you bring to the table!

Your voice matters and what you have to offer, someone out there is interested in hearing & learning from you. 

Find your people who will pour into you and uplift the work you are doing!  I have been blessed to build this community that is a vessel and to BE a vessel amplifying women’s voices.  God is trusting me to amplify the voices of women. No matter how small or how big, they deserve to be heard.  I make women famous.

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