Meet: Shiwan "Moon" Haynes

Meet: Shiwan "Moon" Haynes

Moon Haynes is the Chief Executive Officer and Licensed Massage Therapist for Sage Moon Massage & Healing, a provider of specialized emotional and physical pain relief for women. 

She brings more than 11 years of experience in the wellness industry and offers holistic care and wellness services that address her clients’ mind, body, and spirit. Moon is the creator and architect of amazing healing spa treatment offerings, such as therapeutic massage, vaginal steam detox treatments, ionic foot detox treatments, coaching programs, and courses.

Before launching Sage Moon Massage & Healing in 2019, Moon worked in the corporate customer service industry. She always knew she wanted to help people and become a force for good, but call centers weren’t how she wanted to serve others. Her ambition was to do more meaningful things with her life.

In her quest to follow her passion, she relocated to Thailand in 2008 and remained there for over four years. She began her bodywork certifications in 2011, becoming a certified professional, then returned home in January 2012.

Upon returning to New York, Moon enrolled in the Swedish Institute (massage therapy school) and worked at the Namaste Bookshop spiritual bookstore to make ends meet. Her job exposed her to Crystal Therapy knowledge and various other complementary spiritual practices, which led to her becoming profound. Her new skills allowed her to continue building her business and developing into who she is today.

Moon’s goals in her practice are to educate, engage and serve her clients with various holistic approaches to alternative medicine, such as massage therapy and other wellness treatments. Through education, she allows her clients a peaceful space to practice what they’ve learned to heal their lives holistically.

Moon is passionate about helping women pull out the slumbering power from deep within their internal wells, allowing them to actualize their full potential to heal aspects of themselves that they never thought possible. She understands the importance of gaining self-awareness and accepting the truth that it can be done because she was once in that same dark place.

Among Moon’s many other talents, she’s also the author of “The Dark Side of The Moon,” a popular self-help book on Amazon.

Moon Haynes was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She relocated to North Carolina in 2002 to finish High School and attend college. Moon holds an Associate of Arts degree in Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy. 

She also holds certifications in multiple disciplines, including Traditional Thai Massage from the Sunshine School of Massage in Thailand, The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society, Crystal Therapy, Usui Reiki (Levels 1 & 2), Komyo Kai Reiki (Levels 1, 2, 3), Cupping Therapy, Ionic Foot Detox Treatment, Body Mechanics, and Himalayan Hot Stone Therapy.

You can book Moon for massage therapy, wellness services, coaching and speaking engagements through her website at