Meet the Cohosts of Real Friends Podcast!

Meet the Cohosts of Real Friends Podcast!

When it comes to friendship, what would you choose...loyalty or love? The answer is simple, with your real friends, you would never have to.

The Real Friends Podcast platform is the ultimate friendship circle, where everyone is invited! Good energy, great convos and your drink of choice is encouraged with each episode.  Two real friends Jocelyn and Shanon, supporting, celebrating, accomplishing & enjoying life!

Cohost Shanon Thomas is a Master Cosmetologist of HNM Glamspot and she specializes in all things, nails, make-up, lashes, wigs... the works! She is also a wife, mom, and avid world traveler. Cohost Jocelyn Thomas is the owner of Legendary Health and Fitness, and uses her platform to educate followers on finding the right balance of a healthy mindset, diet and fitness regimen.  She brings the personal training experience to her customer's doorsteps.

Together, these two amazing boss ladies bring a refreshing show to the podcast world. You can expect real conversations, laughs and tips to live your best life from the inside out! Real Friends Podcast episodes are available now on Spotify and you can also connect with this dynamic duo via the links below:

Shanon Thomas,, IG: @Shanon_HNMGoddess

Jocelyn Thomas,, IG: @JocelynThomas_lhnf

Real Friends Podcast IG: @RealFriends_Pod