Meet the Creator of She Wins Society!

Meet the Creator of She Wins Society!

Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to create She Wins Society:

First and foremost, I am a believer in God. I am also a wife of 10 years, dog mom, lover of popcorn, and passionate cheerleader for women, especially Black women. I created She Wins Society because I discovered that uniting and empowering women is my purpose after years of craving genuine and supportive relationships with women who look like me. After giving up for a while, I finally decided to listen to my spirit and become the change that I want to see in the world. I now get a great deal of joy and fulfillment from creating spaces and opportunities for my sisters to experience genuine sisterhood and learn new ways to elevate in life and business. 

What has been your most exciting accomplishment so far with the brand?

My most exciting accomplishment has been hearing Black women tell me that She Wins Society has restored their belief in sisterhood. It feels absolutely amazing to know that the work I am doing is making a positive impact, healing our community, and breaking generational curses. 

Any tips you can share for women to survive a challenging season in business?

Have faith, that’s the tip. As with life, business is going to have seasons of ups and downs. Instead of running when times get tough or letting fear and worry consume you, tap deeper into your faith. Pray harder and keep showing up with the same energy you gave when times were easier. Trust that if you are giving your best, everything will turn out for the best. And always remain hopeful and faithful even in times of adversity and uncertainty because your next breakthrough could be just around the corner, and you never know who’s watching that has the power and influence to bless and elevate you. 

You have an exciting cruise retreat happening this year, what are the top 3 reasons women should attend?

Yes, I’m so excited about the 7th Annual Relax Relate Release Retreat & Big Talk, Bold Moves Conference! The top 3 reasons women should attend are:

  1. This cruise will be a great opportunity to take a break from the hustle and grind of daily life and refill your cup so that you can have the fuel you need to continue this journey operating at your fullest capacity.
  2. This year is all about helping you to tap deeper into your faith and solidify confidence in yourself and your gifts. For many of us, the last few years have come with more and different challenges than we’re used to, which has shaken our faith and self-worth. What many of us need now more than ever is to be spiritually fed and recharged, and to connect with people who will remind us of who and Whose we are.
  3. A time will be had! We are definitely going to handle some important business while we’re together, but this retreat will be full of fun too! We are going to create space to focus on self-care, experience relaxing and rejuvenating social activities, and have even host a talent competition! Relax, play, learn, and grow are all on the menu! 

How can readers connect with you online?

Readers can connect with me @shewinssociety and @andromeda.wins on Instagram, as well as She Wins Society on Facebook. My website is