Sharvette Mitchell is Making Women's History Today!

Sharvette Mitchell is Making Women's History Today!

Share with us how you are making women's history today:

One way I am making women’s history is with my book collaborations featuring women small business owners in my 12 month coaching & training program, The Platform Builder®.

To date, I have been the Visionary Author and publisher for six book collaborations (PROPEL, POUR, PURSUE, PEARLS, Prepare for PURPOSE and Positioned to PIVOT) all of which feature authors that are women entrepreneurs and women leaders. Whether they wrote about their brand story or origin story, a business concept or life lessons, they all have left a legacy through their words.

I should mention that 95% of my Co-Authors are women of color and 100% of my Co-Authors are women. 

So here I am, an African American women, publishing book collaborations and taking mostly African American women along for the publishing journey and making them published co-authors for the first and or second time. Here I am, with the audacity to not only write but publish, and sell our written work to leave our own written legacy in a country where history showed us that our ancestors were killed for knowing how to read.  

This is women’s history…

Which historical figure have you been inspired by and why?

This person may not seem like a historical figure but he is and that is Usain Bolt! Usain Bolt is a retired (2017) Jamaican sprinter, widely considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time. He is still the world record holder in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4 × 100 meters relay. Usain is an eight-time Olympic gold medalist and an eleven-time World Champion.

The funny part about this is that he is younger than me! 

I first heard about Usain watching the Olympics but I really became inspired by watching his documentary called, I Am Bolt.

I was inspired by his transparent truth of being a champion. He talked about imposter syndrome and the toll that the process took to be a champion. 

I love the fact that he retired young and on his terms and is still living a full life.

 What advice would you have for women to thrive in 2024?

Just keep moving! You may need to take a break or rest for a moment but don’t quit. At some point, you will look back and you will be further along than you thought.

Is there a motivational quote or bible verse that you hold close? 

When I left Corporate America in 2018, my pastor, Bishop Joel V. Brown, preached a sermon and ONE scripture leaped out of the pages and has been my saving grace in this entrepreneurial journey:

And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there. 1 Kings 17:4

I hold this scripture close whenever I feel doubt creeping up because it reminds me that GOD has made and will continue making provisions for me!

How can readers connect with you online and support your business?

I would love to connect with readers on my main website, and

You can find me at:

Facebook: @sharvette

IG: @sharvettem

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