She Writes! Author Dee Smith

She Writes! Author Dee Smith

Tell us about your journey into becoming a writer? 

Like many writers my interest in writing began with a love of reading.  From an early age I enjoyed reading and was encouraged to pursue my passion for reading by a favorite elementary school teacher.

My path to becoming a writer truly began in third grade when I won an award for a writing assignment.  I was always an avid note taker and have maintained journals for many years, so I feel I have been unknowingly preparing myself to become a writer since the third grade!  When God put it on my heart to write my book, I realized it was the natural progression of a lifelong journey.

What is the most unique aspect of your writing style and the works you create? 

The most unique aspect of my writing style and the work I create is authenticity.  My works are based on my lived experiences, observations, and learnings and although they are specific to me, they are applicable to others who may be on a similar path.

When I speak to my readers I am often told: “I’d like to start a business too, but…”  I share that I had similar doubts before starting my businesses and that those doubts are natural; however, they can be overcome.  

Through my book, my goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs to overcome their doubts and thrive by providing real-world advice and faith-based guidance.

What advice for emerging or new writers would you share to help them stand out from the crowd?

As I mentioned previously being my authentic self has sustained my businesses thus far. My readers, customers, workshop participants, and podcast listeners know what to expect from me and appreciate my work because I am my authentic self.

I would encourage emerging writers to be authentic to themselves, follow their unique path, and above all pray. God can’t fail.

What impact do you plan to have in 2022 and beyond?

What a great question!  During my journey I have learned to align my steps with God’s purpose for my life.  To hear God’s voice, I dedicate daily quiet time to listening for His instructions and I follow those instructions to the best of my ability.

Therefore, my plan for 2022 and beyond is to listen for God’s guidance and to allow myself to be impactful by following His purpose and path for my life.

How can readers support your efforts? 

My book can be purchased online at my author website,, as well as the iconic bookstore, Marcus Books, in California, where I spent many afternoons exploring aisles of books as a child.