She Writes! Char Newell

She Writes! Char Newell

Tell us about your journey into becoming a writer?

Funny you should ask this question, because I didn’t set out to become a writer. I’ve always had a passion for writing from about the age of 8, but I never really thought I would actually get to the point of publishing a book. Here’s how powerful the tongue is and how it can damage your dreams. I was in the 5th grade and I wrote the most amazing fiction story, at least I thought it was amazing. The story was a little crazy I must admit. Lol.  So crazy, that the teacher thought something was going on at home and called my mother in for a parent teachers meeting to discuss my short story. The teacher was very concerned based on what I wrote. I remember sitting in the room listening to her ask my mom who lives in the house, is there some form of abuse, etc… Little did she know my mom was Jamaican, so that didn’t go over too well. My mom is a no non-sense woman especially when it comes to her kids and accusations about how she is raising them. I couldn’t believe this was happening because I created a story from the mind of Char. The last thing I remember the teacher saying to my mom and it never left my soul was, “she is a good writer, but she writes like how she speaks so it won’t get her anywhere”. Ouch.

Just imagine being 10 and hearing, your writing will never mount to anything. I will admit, I did write like how I spoke because I had just came from Jamaica 2 years prior. I actually still write like how I speak, but thank goodness for editors, but she in that moment silenced my imagination for over 30 years. It took me 30 years to gain my confidence back and realize when you have a gift, there will always be people placed in your path to block you from using it.

 My life experiences brought me to place where I wanted to help others become better versions of themselves and the only way to do that was through publishing books.

What is the most unique aspect of your writing style and the works you create?

My writing style is a little unique as I like to educate, empower, motivate, and give hope. I have found in order for me to successfully do these things, I have to tell the story in such a way that each person reading will find it relatable and will be captivated with every word. For example, the format of “The Yellow Weed” is very different than most self-help, motivational books. I decided to use a parable that reveals truths about life. In the beginning the readers are met with a simple story that even a child can read and understand what is happening. “The Story” is basically my chapter 1. In Chapter 2, which I call the “Discussion” is where I begin to dissect the parable showing the reader how to recognize and embrace the process before the blessings. It is a very short read with a wealth of gems that people can take with them for the rest of their lives. The titles in the discussion chapter are so powerful but yet enlightening that it automatically makes the reader want to learn more.

Some examples are “Not everything in you was planted by you”, “Making excuses is a form of giving up”, The Unconscious Purpose”, and “Lowering your standards to feel successful?” just to name a few. Tell me, these are not attention grabbers, that sparks your curiosity. Lol. I know I want to go back and read this chapter again. Lastly, in my the final chapter, I tie my own life experiences to the story and to the discussion. People love to know that messages are coming from a place authenticity and that the author is as real as the stories in the book. I personally have many life experiences, this is why I’m a Life Coach, I can relate to everyone’s struggle in some way.

 What advice for emerging or new writers would you share to help them stand out from the crowd? 

I remember when I first sat down to begin writing my book, I was trying to write something I felt people expected from me. Because I was a Corporate Life Coach and had over 15 years of Human Resources experience, I was focus on what I am known for and what would sell. To my surprise, nothing would flowed. I had writers block trying to figure out this corporate book. Then God spoke to me and said, your first book belongs to me. In that moment, my vision became clear and I started to write from the heart, not focused on a best seller, not focused on the money I wanted to make, I just focused on touching one life with the messages in my heart. Once I began to use my true authentic voice, that is when the ideas kept flowing like a river and the writing process became fun and exciting. It took me one month to complete and I actually cried after reading the final outcome, because I knew it wasn’t me that wrote it, it was God. So, to new writers I say, write what feels absolutely good to you and makes your heart smile with every word you put on the page. It should make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

What impact do you plan to have in 2022 and beyond?

GREAT question! I am always looking to do meaningful work. Everything I put out is to transform a life for the better. My life’s mission is to “empower, educate, motivate, and give hope to many”. My overall goal is to help people transform the way they view themselves in the world and operate as their best selves on a daily basis. Because Individuals who are happy in life, are more productive and successful at work. If I can give everyone access to a Life Coach, the world would be better place. I try and tap into the organizations that are willing to pay for this for their employees, because people are struggling financially and find it very hard to invest in their well-being. With that being said, I have a found a more affordable way to coach people from  a distance, by publishing my “30 Days to A New You Journal”.

This is a journaling technique I developed back in 2016 and have successfully helped many clients gain 1. Self-Awareness, 2. Master Discipline, 3. Retrain the mind back on the path of positivity. I focus a lot on mindset, because the real MVP in your life is your mindset. What you think and feel is creating your reality. I heard the most perfect quote from the book Conversations with God,  it stated, “once you put a thought out into the world you cannot get it back”. Let that marinate for second. I am definitely looking for my “30 days to a new you journal” to become a household name, because it is the foundation to learning how to live a peaceful life. I have a saying, “a peaceful mind will always lead you to beautiful destinations ~Char

How can readers support your efforts?

Thank you for this question. Three simple and effective ways to support me. I will start with the free option, everyone loves free stuff, lol.

  1. Please please please subscribe to my youtube channel “Dear Life Warriors”- Not only subscribe, but like, comment, and share the videos that resonates with you.
  2. Purchase a copy of my mind transforming journal “30 Days to a New You Journal” available on Amazon or on my personal
  3. Definitely add “The Yellow Weed: How to Recognize and Embrace the Process Before the Blessings” to your collection, also available on Amazon.