She's Making Black History Today! Angela K. Chambers

She's Making Black History Today! Angela K. Chambers

How are you making Black History today? 

I am the co-founder of Oklahoma's first women-owned radio station, which is owned by black women. I am opening businesses on the historic Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma, also known as the original Black Wall Street.

Can you share with us a significant figure from Black History who has personally inspired you and why? 

There are several including my grandmother the late Wilma Factory Phifer Green, my great grandfather, the late Neely Factory, who was one of the first, black United States Deputy Marshalls in Oklahoma and the late Dr. Willa a Strong, who was an educator who served as the principal of the all black school and a prominent community leader in my hometown of McAlester, Oklahoma. Dr. Strong was admired and respected by her students, staff and community. I have admired and have been inspired by her accomplishments for decades now. 

For those who are also striving to leave a legacy, what advice would you share? 

Find your passion. Trust God. He has a plan for your life and it is good. Guard your heart and be good to others. 

How do you plan to make the next year your best year? 

Seeking God first. Expecting blessings! Starting each day doing the work required to access the blessings, favor, grace, and mercy that God has for me. 

Share your favorite motivational quote and how readers can connect with you:

“God has a plan for my life and it is good."