She's Making Black History Today! Donnecia Styles

She's Making Black History Today! Donnecia Styles

How are you making Black History today?

I'm elevating Black narratives, embodying the spirit of strength, and spreading knowledge while embracing the richness of Black culture. 

Can you share with us a significant figure from Black History who has personally inspired you and why?

Victoria Monet’s journey resonates deeply with me. Despite not yet solidifying herself as a major figure in Black History, her story and unwavering work ethic are inspiring. Over a decade in the music industry, she faced closed doors but persevered, earning the accolades she rightly deserves. Believing in her gift, she continued the fight. As an entrepreneur, I’m reminded that obstacles will come, but by advocating for myself and trusting in my abilities, there are no limits to what I can achieve.

For those who are also striving to leave a legacy, what advice would you share?

Chase your passions wholeheartedly, while leaving a positive impact on others. Face challenges with resilience, always strive for personal growth, and stay committed to your journey.

How do you plan to make the next year your best year?

Building a supportive network, aligning priorities with values, setting clear goals, and maintaining a strategic approach are crucial steps for me. I plan to keep learning and adapting – it helps in my progression and can make life more satisfying. It’s a holistic approach to growth and fulfillment.

Share your favorite motivational quote and how readers can connect with you: 

"Believe you can and you're halfway there."

Taking that first step, even when uncertain, can set positive forces in motion and lead to opportunities you might not have encountered otherwise. It's about embracing the journey and believing that progress is possible.

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