She's Making Black History Today! Tanisha Mackin

She's Making Black History Today! Tanisha Mackin

How are you making Black History today?

I'm Tanisha Mackin, an award-winning publisher, bestselling author, and travel influencer driven by purpose. Overcoming the profound pain of losing my husband on our first wedding anniversary in Buffalo's 2010 mass shooting, I've channeled my grief into inspiring others.

Aside from grappling with a personal tragedy, I faced another battle against colon cancer, which I am proud to say I have survived. These significant life experiences reshaped my perspective and strengthened me. They encouraged me to build an enduring legacy and find solace in healing through exploration and travel.

Today, as a testament to the resiliency often mirrored in Black History, I share my ongoing adventures with an ever-growing audience on my Instagram page, @tanishastravelingbag. My journey is not just about seeing new places; it's about growing as a person and inspiring others who've faced tough challenges.

By sharing my unique travel experiences from around the world, I aim to demonstrate that there is healing in adventure, hope after despair and that overcoming adversity is possible. My story echoes a message of courage amidst profound loss—an entrepreneurial spirit sparked by grief—and the vision that travel can be a transformative pathway toward revival and recovery.

Can you share with us a significant figure from Black History who has personally inspired you and why?

 Harriet Tubman's courage and resilience in the face of immense adversity inspire me deeply. Her relentless pursuit of freedom for herself and others, despite the dangers and sacrifices involved, exemplifies extraordinary strength and determination. While my actions may not directly mirror hers, I strive to empower others through writing, giving voice to stories that might otherwise be silenced. Like Tubman, I believe in using my abilities to advocate for and support those around me, be it my clients, family, or friends. Seeing the impact of such efforts, however big or small, reminds me of the collective power and beauty that resides within black women.

For those who are also striving to leave a legacy, what advice would you share?

Think about what type of legacy you would love to leave behind and work towards that. Make an impact for the next generation, something they will have in their memories for years and can use in their everyday lives.

How do you plan to make the next year your best year?

This year,I'm embarking on a journey of self-prioritization as the key to my personal and professional growth. It's become clear that a full cup is essential for pouring into others. Therefore, prioritizing my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. This self-care isn't just about personal improvement; it fuels my ability to secure sponsors, create engaging content for my travelers, and help clients confidently share their stories through my publishing company. Ultimately, investing in myself empowers me to reach even greater heights than last year, both personally and professionally.

 Share your favorite motivational quote and how readers can connect with you:

My favorite quote is, "Live Life and Travel!" This powerful mantra became my beacon of hope and courage following the passing of my husband. It serves as a constant reminder to me and our children to cherish each moment, embrace the adventures that life has in store for us, and never lose sight of what truly matters.