She's Making History! Dr. Tamiko Lowry Pugh

She's Making History! Dr. Tamiko Lowry Pugh

Dr. Tamiko Lowry Pugh often referred to as "The Empowering Diva," is a voice for Women's Empowerment.


As the Chief Empowerment Officer of Living The Empowered Life LLC, Tamiko leads courses, events, and programs that empower women to ignite their passion, tap into their divine purpose, and fearlessly walk in their authentic power.


Dr. Tamiko serves as the host of Living The Empowered Life Podcast, where she shares inspirational conversations, tips, tools, and resources that move you forward in faith, life, and business. She is also the founder of The Still Standing Alliance – a nonprofit organization that focuses on domestic violence advocacy, awareness, and prevention.


As a survivor of Domestic Violence, Tamiko is very transparent about her journey of turning her pain into purpose. This has allowed her to construct a powerful movement dedicated to the empowerment and personal development of women across the world. She is a compassionate mentor and friend, an enthusiastic leader, and visionary.


Dr. Tamiko believes that empowerment comes from within and can be achieved by honoring yourself, your values, and expressing your talents and gifts. 


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